10-day burn ban in Lamar County | News

The Lamar County Commissioners’ Court on Friday issued a 10-day burn ban that expires Oct. 24 unless the commissioner renews it at its next regular meeting.

However, the court has given Lamar County Judge Brandon Bell the power to revoke the ban if weather conditions permit.

Despite the forecast for rain today, Bell told the commissioner that emergency management coordinator Quincy Blunt, like the Texas Forest Service, recommended no burning.

“Quincy said there would be several days of rain to ease the current dry conditions.

“All open burning in unincorporated areas of the county is prohibited for 30 days unless the restrictions are terminated earlier under a decision by the Texas Forest Service of this court,” the ban states.

This order covers outdoor activities related to public health and safety, such as firefighter training, public utilities, natural gas pipeline or mining operations, planting or harvesting crops, or incinerations conducted by designated incineration managers. are not prohibited from incinerating activities.

Violation of the order will result in fines not exceeding $500.

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