20 years after the invasion of Iraq (Le Monde Diplomacy)

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On March 20, 2003, United States (US)-led coalition forces launched a ground invasion of Iraq under the false pretext that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Ironically, as Ignacio Ramonetto pointed out at the time, “President George Bush’s document against Saddam Hussein, which he presented to the United Nations General Assembly on September 12, 2002, marked his decade of lies and deceit.” was called.” The media supported Bush. Edward W. Said said, “Never before has there been such a shameless and scandalous collusion between broadcast news and governments. Talking excitedly about how “we” have to stop him. ‘ But beneath this ‘coercively unified surface’, civil resistance was strong. As Arundhati Roy argued, “When Bush says, ‘You are with us or you are with the terrorists,’ we can reject his choice. You can let him know that you don’t have to choose between the malevolent Mickey Mouse and the mad mullah.

In its invasion, the coalition ignored the UN Charter and international humanitarian law. As Noam Chomsky wrote on our page, it was part of the strategy of “preventive warfare”: “Quite simply, the greatest crimes condemned in Nuremberg.” civilians died, plunging the country into turmoil and 20 years later they still haven’t recovered.

Contents of this eBook:

Edward W said, ‘Alternative America’

Ignacio Ramonetto, “State-Sponsored Lies”

Noam Chomsky, “Iraq: The Infamous Invasion”

Arundhati Roy, “Resistance is Never Wasted”

Alan Gresh “Chaotic Waves”

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