A new Gaza war (Le Monde diplomatique

Gaza, 9 October 2023

Mohammed Talatene/dpa/Alamy Live News

On Saturday 7 October, fighters from the Palestinian Islamist party Hamas left the Gaza Strip at dawn and entered Israeli territory. They attacked military targets (army barracks and police stations), and crossed into several communities, massacring civilians, including concertgoers attending a music festival in the Negev desert. The estimated number of Israeli casualties is already high: more than 1200 people dead, thousands injured, and, according to several sources, dozens taken hostage.

In response, the Israeli air force has increased bombings on Gaza, killing more than 1050 people, according to Palestinian health authorities. On Monday 9 October, Tel Aviv ordered the siege of Gaza — cutting off food, fuel, electricity and water — and the defence minister claimed Israel was fighting ‘human animals’.

Here is a selection of articles that illuminate the many facets of one of the world’s last struggles for decolonisation. A new Gaza war (Le Monde diplomatique

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