Anticore on the defendant’s bench

The Society dedicated to combating corruption and its representative in the Moselle, Edith Talalczyk, must respond with defamation against the town of Terville (57). A funny mess with political overtones.

The case will be heard in Thionville Court on May 2, 2023. It’s an unusual case like a sprinkler. For once, before the Tribunal of Thionville is not a corrupt elected official charged with violating the rules of public accounting, but the head and vice-president of the Antichor Society and its Moselle. This is Edith Taralczyk. of the National Association.

two days before the election

Olivier Postal, Mayor of Terville (DR)

On the Civic Party side, Mayor Olivier Postal and the city of Terville, 57, were unfairly implicated in the big money case. In fact, according to his June 26, 2020, post on his Facebook page for Anticor 57, Terville should have disguised huge debts in development’s mixed economy company (SEM) accounts ( read the post below). The criticism is all the more serious as the election campaign is in full swing. More precisely, two days before his second local elections on June 28th. Terville’s situation is very special. The mayor of Luxembourg, Patrick, who served three consecutive terms (18 years), ran for re-election in the neighboring town of Thionville instead of Tellville. Did the author of this post, Edith Talalczyk, want to woo him down? Why didn’t she contact the prosecution? In any case, Luxembourg Mayor Patrick qualified for the second round, but on June 28 he defamed the outgoing Mayor Pierre Cunny (41.36%) with 31.75% of the vote. .

“Managed Debt”

But charges against the city of Turville over debt cast doubt on both old and new city teams. The new mayor, Olivier Postal, responded immediately with an article published on the city’s website and reprinted by the local newspaper.
SEM’s activities and descriptions are completely transparent,” writes Olivier Postal. Accounts are closed annually, drawn up by chartered accountants and verified by auditors (…) If SEM’s debts are slightly over €6 million, SEM will be entitled to a full loan of real estate with a value much higher than this amount. The owner (… ) So to say that Terville has a debt of €10 million is utter nonsense. At the beginning of the year he was €3.1m, but by the end of 2020 he will be at €2.3m. The administrative accounting of the municipality, which is an official document, proves this. ”

payment in the air

The mayor remembers Edith Tarartzyk as Patrick Luxembourg’s chief of staff from 2001 to 2010. In any case, Olivier Postal adds: Management of servants or state services. We have no choice but to take legal action against this defamatory publication.
The complaint follows its judicial process. The case was heard in Thionville on May 2, 2023.

Edith Talarczyk: “Omerta”

Edith Talarczyk, Anticor (Facebook)
Edith Talarczyk, Anticor (Facebook)

“I have only responded to an article published in a local newspaper the day before 25 June 2020. Olivier Postal, the mayor of Terville, said that the debt of Terville is 3 million euros and is gradually disappearing. But thanks to the sale of the land to SEM, the municipal debt has been reduced to 3 million euros, and the city is the guarantor of the loan on top of the debt.I am Terbiloise.My money. I want to know where the is going.I have asked for materials at the city hall, but there is no answer.It is Omata.”

POST D’ANTICOR 57 SUR FB EN DATE DU 26.06.20 Anticore on the defendant’s bench

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