April 6, 2023 New mobilization day

Even if fewer people turn out for the 10-day mobilization against pension reform, this Tuesday, March 28, the anger of trade unions and the French will not abate.

March 28, 2023 Paris Demo (DR)

Executives rejoicing at the loss of mobilization momentum observed in France on Tuesday 28 March would be mistaken. The numbers were a little more sparse, both in Paris and in the provinces. As usual, some numbers don’t match others. 740,000 protesters according to police, 2 million according to CGT. This is an unprecedented situation in France where he is on his tenth day of mobilization in two months.

I can’t control my anger

March 28, 2023 Paris Demo (DR)
March 28, 2023 Paris Demo (DR)

In addition to the march, there have been several incidents, notably in Paris at the end of the march, with several strike movements marking this day on Tuesday. At the request of some trade unions, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles and the Arc de Triomphe were closed to visitors. Meanwhile, the strike has been lifted at a garbage collection point in Paris.
Did you finish? not yet. The mutual union has announced that his 11th day mobilization will be organized on Thursday 65 April 2023. This shows that anger is still very strong among employees and public opinion, as his two-thirds of the French public support the union.

don’t touch

How to get out of the impasse? The uncompromising attitude of the executive branch, especially the president of the republic, who sticks to his convictions, contributes to the impasse. Government spokesman Olivier Bellan has rejected a “mediation” proposed by CFDT leader Laurent Bergé to reconnect threads between political and trade union leaders. “We don’t need mediation, we can speak directly,” said Olivier Véran.
That’s good. But what are we talking about? About everything except pension reform. Good joke!
If Macron still does not heed the public outrage, if his government does not heed the demands of two-thirds of the French people, then this incident will be very, very tragic for the President of the Republic and his entourage. will come to an end. Especially since high school and college students are getting into dance. And the month of May is fast approaching… April 6, 2023 New mobilization day

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