Bank Card Contactless Payment Limit Increased, Yet…

The Banque de France reports that 60% of bank card holders utilize contactless payments, typically for transactions averaging 16 euros. Introduced in France in 2012, this method initially allowed transactions up to 20 euros, later raised to 30 euros in 2017, and to 50 euros in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Now, a new “Contactless Plus” feature will soon enable payments above 50 euros. The rollout date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to occur gradually over the coming months, without requiring customers to take any action. Merchants, however, will need to update their payment terminals through their banks. Importantly, this enhanced service mandates the use of a PIN to validate transactions, unlike the current contactless method, ensuring heightened security and fraud prevention. Upon tapping their card or smartphone at checkout, customers will be prompted to enter their PIN to complete the transaction, safeguarding their bank accounts in case of theft.

Already available through Apple Pay and Google Pay, these unrestricted payment options are increasingly popular in France, particularly among younger generations. The introduction of the “Contactless Plus” by the CB group thus enters into competition with these mobile giants, potentially reshaping the market landscape. For consumers interested in this feature, contacting their bank for availability details and launch dates is advised.

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