Captain Danny Hough Retires from Paris PD | News

Around the Paris police, the situation is not the same. Captain Danny Hough retired Friday after serving 42 years.

A standing-room-only crowd of more than 50 family members, friends, and current and former colleagues gathered at Police Headquarters’ training room and emergency operations center on Clarksville St. to bid him farewell.

Huff joined the division in February 1981 as Patrol Officer. Over the years, he has led services departments for communications, records and animal control departments, headed sex offender registrations, served as a hostage negotiator, commander of the honor guard, and more. Duties that include leading a SWAT team. In recent years, he has served as captain of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Police Chief Richard Salter, noting that 20 family members were present, including Huff’s family, said, “You can’t get through this job without a strong support system. Danny has a strong faith in God.” It is clear that he had it as well.” wife, Kim. daughter Jennifer and twin sons Jonathan, a police officer in Paris, and Dustin, a firefighter in Paris.

“It’s just a tribute to you that your sons are following in your footsteps,” said one of many who spoke during a program that lasted over an hour after lunch at the station’s patrol headquarters. A Lamar County Sheriff Scott said, “I know you are a man of God. Thank you.

Everyone I spoke to praised Huff as a conscientious supervisor, a great mentor, and a friend.

“Danny was a highly competent and conscientious investigator who always maintained a high level of professionalism,” Salter said. “42 years is a long time to sustain such performance.”

The compliments were accompanied by a joke about Hough’s seeming obsession with hair.

After paying tribute to the great officer, mentor, and friend Huff, Assistant Chief Randy Tuttle spoke of a windy day during a murder investigation years ago.

“We were outside in the wind for about 40 hours. I stopped looking for evidence and kept looking at Danny’s hair. It wasn’t out of place,” Tuttle said. “Years later, I walked into this building and his locker was next to mine. I happened to go in one day and his locker door was open.

More seriously, Tuttle said: “I will miss you, but I hope your retirement is healthy, happy and blessed.” Captain Danny Hough Retires from Paris PD | News

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