City council approves appointment of engineer.City Pool Improvements | News

After two years of vacancies, the City of Paris has hired a new city engineer.

The Paris City Council approved the appointment of Todd Mittge at its meeting on Monday night, following the recommendation of Paris Mayor Grayson Pass. He will take office on January 9th.

Currently employed in the city of Germantown, Tennessee, Mittge is a licensed engineer in Washington and Tennessee and will be licensed in Texas. His previous experience includes work with the Washington State Department of Transportation and Muckle Chute his Indian tribes, as well as other resume references.

“We are very impressed with this person, both for his experience and character,” Paz said in an agenda note. “He has the right mix of potential, experience, demeanor, energy, professionalism and courtesy that we would like to see as a leader in our engineering department. I have an impressive array of education, experience and training qualifications that help me prepare.”

Approval of the mayor’s appointment was made during a lengthy meeting in which the council conducted public hearings and following the recommendations of both the Planning and Zoning Commission and staff, a comprehensive plan amendment and assembly at several properties. Approved a zoning change request to allow housing development.

Following the staff’s recommendation, the City Council also voted to remove the proposed main highway between FM 195 and Lamar Avenue from the city’s thoroughfare plan, following the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“Staff believe that the origins of this part of the plan predate most of the development of this part of the city over the past 30-plus years,” city planner Andrew Mack said in an agenda note. The removal will give the city additional time to explore future growth in the city’s northwest, Mack said, adding that it will be located at 36th NE Street, south of Smallwood Road. The lot will be available for sale on the proposed Whitaker Little Hollow Estate along the way.

Among other actions, the City Council considered the results of the November 8 City Charter Amendment election and approved the renovation and resurfacing of the City’s pool and patio decks at a cost of $228,136.92 and an $800 monthly fee with Samantha Hughes. Approved a new lease agreement, Supreme All, Inc. of 1875 Fitzhugh Ave., part of the city’s event center

Deputy Mayor Robert Vine, who was presented only as a topic of discussion, said an earlier request for information about the possibility of outsourcing the city’s garbage collection service is scheduled for Jan. 23 by the company processing the request for proposals. Updated Council with information about presentations.

City administrators will share proposed ordinances on registering and regulating payday loan businesses and will hold future public hearings to give affected businesses an opportunity to voice their concerns before the council takes further action. Recommended. City council approves appointment of engineer.City Pool Improvements | News

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