Clarksville suffers from holiday water problems | News

CLARKSVILLE — A faulty circuit breaker cut off water supply to the public in the early hours of July 4, but a citywide effort brought the city back to near normal by Friday, city officials said.

“It was a fault in the well’s computer system,” said Glenn Higdon, the city’s public works manager. “We fixed it on Thursday. I called the electrician and he got it up and running.”

Mayor Anne Russing said the Texas Emergency Management Agency helped monitor the city’s repair work. She added that it wasn’t the only thing that helped her during the crisis. There was a water giveaway, and many city officials volunteered their time to distribute water and help keep wells running, the mayor said.

“Not all three wells were shut down, but one of them was operational in the early hours of July 4,” Hidogon said. “It was only down for six hours, and now it’s up and running.”

The mayor said during the crisis the city was operating with one well instead of the usual three.

The mayor told residents via Facebook that at one point all the water in the industrial tower, about 24 feet deep, had been used up and a well had to be closed to refill the industrial tower.

She added that Fire Chief Rocky Trison put the city’s fire safety in place.

As of Friday, officials said the city’s reservoirs were filling up again after several leaks had been repaired, and the mayor said “everyone should have water”. . Clarksville suffers from holiday water problems | News

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