Condemnation Rejected, Reform Adopted, Disruption Guaranteed

A bipartisan motion condemning Elisabeth Borne’s government was defeated by nine votes. Soon, spontaneous rallies were forming all over France.

As expected, the pension reform was adopted on Monday 20 March 2023 after two denunciation motions against the government were rejected. One of them was submitted by Rassembly National, in which he received only 94 of the 287 votes required for a majority. Another, submitted by the LIOT group (Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-Mer et Territoires), intended for transparency, was rejected by 9 votes (278 in favor)!

garbage fire

Shortly thereafter, spontaneous rallies took place not only in several districts of Paris, but also in major French cities such as Lille, Nancy, Strasbourg, Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux. police.
This revolt of the people against the stubbornness of the executive branch to impose unfair and useless reforms against all odds reflects the French anger at the political class. A mediocre political class cut off from the realities of everyday life.
As I’ve said here several times, this all ends badly. otherwise you can’t.

strikes and demonstrations

what will happen now? The government is stuck. Elizabeth Bourne cannot continue to rule the country under these circumstances, no matter what she says. Elected officials are distraught and even frightened. The Republican Party has collapsed and is no longer a force that supports the executive branch.
On the union side, the strike will continue and intensify. Refineries remain closed and many gas stations are running out of fuel. Many sectors of the economy will be affected by the growing disruption.
Now the anger is so strong that it is no longer a few soothing words from Macron to calm things down. Macron and his clique must leave. to save their skins. Condemnation Rejected, Reform Adopted, Disruption Guaranteed

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