Could the Australasia Region Become Another Large iGaming Market

The iGaming industry is always looking to expand. Potential markets are pretty much everywhere where the right legislation is concerned. That’s why Australia might be the next potential market for the industry.

Australia has its fair share of land-based casinos, but the online market is also looking good. Any casino player will confirm that any real money casino for Australians on the market is pretty good because of the right selection of games and bonuses. But there are other factors that make Australia another potentially big market. In other words, the number speak for themselves.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The gaming market as a whole has been steadily growing in Australia since 2015. The revenue has been going up as well as each year it amounts to billions. In 2019 it was rounded up to about 225 billion Australian dollars, and that figure went up by an amazing 78% in 2021 and 2020.

The territory that contributed most to the gaming market was Australia’s central territory, Western Australia. But all the other regions pitched in when it comes to revenue. And such a high amount owes to the overall interest in casino games.

The titles were played mostly online because of the pandemic and the many restrictions. Inflation has also pretty much toppled the economy so fresh revenue reinvigorated it. It kept the country going and the clients happy. Despite there being several Australian casinos online, they don’t seem to be at each other’s throats as they have plenty of customers to take care of. With numbers going up to the billions, it’s highly likely that the revenue in 2022 will reach a higher amount. This is good news for Australia as a potential iGaming market.

The Future of iGaming in Australia

Bigger numbers mean more people spending time at online casinos. This increases the profit of online casino operators which means they yield bigger tax returns to the government. But the Australian Communications and Media Authority still warns players not to go to illegal sites.

Any site that isn’t registered with ACMA is an illegal one and players will do well to remember that. The legal ones don’t cause problems and any future operators must have a license to operate on Australian virtual soil. The problem with illegal sites is a global problem that the iGaming industry is addressing so any potential Australian operators and players will have global support regarding that matter. With the current state of Australia as an iGaming market providers and operators can enjoy a new flux of players if they decide to get into it. In short, the future of iGaming in Australia is bright.


With revenue in the billions, thousands of Aussies satisfied with their sites, and the existence of an authority to grant licenses and monitor operators’ operations Australia could be the next big iGaming market. The players are there and all providers and operators need to do are see the potential and make a leap.


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