Credit to Milan Kundera (12.07.23)

With condolences to the Ministers for European and French Affairs, Catherine Colonna, Milano Kundera and family and families, we report the new Grand Tristes of Milan.

The discrimination of Milan Kundera, and the equality of the representatives of the people and the people of France and the intelligence and morale.

An impassioned challenge to a culture that criticizes totalitarianism, in the midst of interrogation, after a print inspection in Prague, a history of the history of payments in central Europe, a record son’s assessment of the “western abduction”.

Milan Kundera visited the second Patelier in 1975 with the most important installation in France. Il s’est toujours voulu avant tout romancier. In 2001, Française He won the Grand Prix of the Academy Awards, the Grand Prize for French Artistic Work. Live a vibrant life and raise the political value of public opinion to contribute to the French language and Le Monde.

A collection of ministries that remember the deep feelings of espionage and reconnaissance. Credit to Milan Kundera (12.07.23)

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