Ecology on the big screen

Taking place this week in Metz, Festival Cinema Planet evokes “planetary upheaval” through films that raise awareness.

The festival is organized by the European Ecological Institute in Metz.

While the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) concludes in Egypt in a few days, another event dedicated to ecology takes place in Metz this week. The Cinema Planet Festival, organized by the European Institute of Ecology, will present a selection of films, short films, feature films, feature films, documentaries, fiction and animation on the theme of ecological transition from 15 to 20 November. Screening. “Since its inception in 2018, so many films and documentaries have been sent to the selection committee. It is proof that we intend to participate in that reflection,” said Catherine Godignon, general representative of the festival.

“Thanks to the films, documentaries and debates that followed each screening, Cinema Planet Festival invented a future that confronted the economic and social dysfunction of modern society and learned that humans no longer behave as natural predators. “The nightmare summer the world has experienced is a reminder of climate experts’ warnings about the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is not enough without political will, education and respect for the identity of people around the world.

‘As long as the sun rises’ trailer

Swann Alarud ( "little farmer") to play a humanist landscaper "Tan Qu Le Soleil Frappe".
Swann Arlaud (“The Little Peasant”) plays a humanist landscaper in “Tant que le soleil frappe”.

“In the face of a series of recent documented disasters in the four corners of the globe, largely due to climate change and/or biodiversity loss, it is urgent and unequivocal that cinema captures these global cataclysms. Now,” adds Marie Anne. Isler Begin, Director of the European Ecological Institute. The fight against climate change cannot be done without future generations. Therefore, the festival is carrying out some actions with young people. Our partnership with Youth4Planet allows children to demonstrate their willingness to protect the environment in their daily lives. A special night for video artists and youtubers (Wednesday), or “Special Children’s Morning” on Sunday, November 20th.

After Thursday’s evening of ‘Biojolais’, Elie Seonet’s film ‘Le champagne a rendez-vous avec la Lune’ will be screened, followed by an opening ceremony the following day and a preview of ‘Tant que le soleil frappe’. Were you (released February 8, 2023), in the presence of director Philippe Petit. Selected for International Critics’ Week at the Venice International Film Festival, the film is inspired by the humanist landscaper Swan Arlaud (Hubert Charuel’s “Petit Paysant”) who wishes to create a wild garden in the heart of downtown Marseille. ) is the story. “I wanted my film to be rooted in the world of landscapers, because they are at the heart of issues of reinvention of urban space, ecological and social transitions. It calls into question the development of our cities and even the standardization that influences how we think,” says the director.

movies about the world

“Cinema, whether documentary or fictional, plays a very important role in the dissemination of global environmental issues,” said the festival, where her first feature film, L’Horizon, will be screened. Director Emily Carpentier, chairman of the jury for . (Saturday night). “A feature film that follows the trajectory of a young high school student and evokes the convergence of social and environmental struggles in today’s workplace.” New representations, changing models, films that condemn abuse and tell us what the world could be like give us energy, hope and courage,” says the filmmaker.

Therefore, the 5th Cinema Planet Film Festival should reward such a film during Sunday’s awards ceremony before the screening of “140km West of Paradise” in the presence of director Céline Rouset.

Festival Cinema Planet, November 15-20 at Klub Cinema in Metz (children under 25 free). Information and complete program: Ecology on the big screen

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