France extends Covid tests for travelers from China

France announced on Saturday that it had extended Covid testing for travelers arriving from China until February 15 because “the situation is changing”.

The test was originally ordered until January 31st.

Since the beginning of this year, travelers over the age of 11 coming to France from China have been required to present a negative test result taken 48 hours before their flight in order to board the plane.

Random tests will be carried out, and those who test positive must self-isolate, French officials said, adding that anyone over the age of six must wear a face mask on the plane.

Several countries have slapped new travel restrictions on travelers from China after Beijing decided to ease stringent virus restrictions.

China says daily Covid-19 deaths have fallen by nearly 80% since the beginning of the month.

A wave of virus cases has swept the world’s most populous country since Beijing abruptly ended its Covid-free policy last month.

Beijing’s figures only represent a fraction of the true number of deaths, given China’s narrow definition of coronavirus deaths and official estimates that a portion of the population is infected. It is believed that no France extends Covid tests for travelers from China

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