France seeks to crack down on illegal immigration with new law

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French President Emmanuel Macron is set to make a second attempt to increase the deportation of illegal immigrants under intense pressure from his far-right opponents.

Macron’s government on Tuesday outlined a draft new immigration law that will be formally debated in parliament in early 2023.

This comes just four years after a 2018 law with a similar purpose was passed during President Macron’s first term.

Macron’s hardline Interior Minister Gerard Dalmanin said: “Better integration, better deportation.” told France Info New Proposal Tuesday Radio.

“We want workers, not robbers.”

Darmannin and Macron have linked immigration to delinquency in recent weeks, both saying that about half of all petty crimes committed in Paris are committed by foreigners.

speak to Parisian newspaper Over the weekend, President Macron pitched a new bill as a way to address the historic rise of the far-right national rally, which became the largest opposition party in parliament in June.

“We need strong humanitarian policies that are in line with our values,” said the 44-year-old woman. “This is the best antidote to anxiety-fueled extremes.”

According to Interior Ministry statistics, France is now deporting about 10% of migrants ordered to leave the country, and the rate has never exceeded 20%.

“Nothing changes”

The country’s lengthy appeals process, procedural delays, and lack of national resources are seen as reasons for the low deportation rates that Dalmanin promised to increase.

Like many European countries, France has struggled to persuade countries in North and West Africa to re-enter their nationals who have been subject to deportation orders.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who won 41 percent in the second round of April’s presidential election, regularly accuses the government of being lazy and “submerging” France with foreigners. ing.

Running for the presidency for the third time this year, she proposed a constitutional amendment through a referendum, set strict immigration targets and ensured that French citizens were given priority over foreigners in all state services. Proposed.

“We expect nothing[from the new law],” she said Tuesday. rice field.

“Nothing has changed… immigration in our country is completely out of control.”

The murder of a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Paris in October sparked a major political scandal when it was revealed that it was the work of an Algerian woman who had been ordered to be deported.

The confused management of 234 migrants and asylum seekers who landed in France aboard the charity rescue ship Ocean Viking in November has also embarrassed the government.

The interior ministry initially said most of the adults were denied entry into France, but only a handful were detained after filing asylum applications and appeals to the courts.

legal immigration route

A new bill, co-authored by Dalmanin, would reduce the number of appeals possible against failed asylum seekers from twelve to three, theoretically speeding up deportation proceedings.

It also removes protections for foreigners who arrived in France as children, facilitating their deportation if convicted of a crime.

Also, steps will be taken to grant work permits to foreign workers with the skills needed in certain sectors of the economy. This could include many illegally employed in the restaurant sector.

Macron’s parliamentarians are a minority in parliament, meaning the bill will need support from the right-wing opposition Republicans, who have criticized it as too weak.

Senator Pierre-Henri Dumont told reporters, “It’s a cut above what we know about this bill. It would be a massive regularization of illegal workers in areas of labor shortage.” It does,’ he said.

Since 1980, France has passed 29 different immigration laws.

People from 15 different charities and some left-wing MPs demonstrated in front of the National Assembly on Tuesday, denouncing what they called the government’s “hostile” attitude towards immigration.

Nearly eight in 10 French people believe the Macron government has failed to manage immigration, according to a CSA research group poll released last month by the CNews channel.

According to several polls this year, about seven in ten people think there are too many foreigners in France.

(AFP) France seeks to crack down on illegal immigration with new law

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