France submits bill to strengthen immigration and asylum policy

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President Emmanuel Macron said France would begin deliberations on a bill on asylum and immigration in early 2023 to put an end to “ridiculous policies” he considers “inefficient and inhumane”.

Macron said at a governors’ meeting on Thursday that existing policies include placing women and men who arrive in France and are “in the most miserable condition” in poor neighborhoods.

He said this was ineffective “because we know more foreigners are in a difficult situation than many of our neighbors, and inhumane because this pressure means they are often badly accepted.” is,” he said.

President Macron called for asylum seekers to be dispersed across the country, especially in areas with declining populations.

Marine Le Penthe leader of the anti-immigrant national rally did not budge.

“Emmanuel Macron wants to disperse illegal immigrants into rural areas. We think they should go home,” she tweeted Friday. oppose.”

selective immigration

President Macron also pledged to “improve the effectiveness of the policy on deportation” of illegal immigrants, saying that France would change the conditions for issuing visas “to those who would disturb public order and to bring back illegal immigrants.” “The spirit of cooperation” needs to be more conditional, he said.

during his recent trip AlgeriaMacron and his counterpart Abdelmadjid Teboun paved the way for a relaxation of the visa regime between the two countries in exchange for greater cooperation from Algiers in the fight against illegal immigration.

Aurore Berger, head of President Macron’s Renaissance Group in the National Assembly, said on Friday that France should have a “sovereign policy” on immigration and be able to decide “who it wants to welcome”.

Asked about “selective immigration” on Cnews TVshe said, “all the French are for it.”

no new laws

existing immigration laws, Introduced in 2018designed to expedite asylum procedures by reducing the maximum processing time after entering France from 120 days to 90 days.

It also aims to facilitate the deportation of those whose applications are denied.

France Terre d’Azil, a non-profit organization that works with asylum seekers and immigrants, said France “does not need new laws to make foreigners more welcoming” but appreciates the 2018 law. I agree that I need to

There is an “urgent” need to ensure a genuine and dignified welcome for asylum seekers and to stop absurdity and hypocrisy, said Hélène Spios-David, member of France Terre d’Achille’s legal team. said to told France Info.

Most of the asylum seekers who arrived in Paris were at some point living on the streets, she said.

“We need to change the terms of integration, so that they can learn French as soon as possible and not hinder their access to the job market.

“These are all related more to administrative obstacles and lack of resources than to law.” France submits bill to strengthen immigration and asylum policy

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