France to increase military budget to 413 billion euros over next 7 years

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The budget proposal for the French Armed Forces over the next seven years is projected to reach a record €413 billion. Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu said the increase was necessary due to the worsening geopolitical situation and technological changes.

Lecornu outlines the objectives of the proposed French Military Planning Bill (LPM) 2024-2030, which is estimated to cost €413 billion over the next seven years.

This will defense The budget will increase from 44 billion euros this year and 32 billion euros in 2017 to 69 billion euros in 2030.

The LPM, which will be submitted to the Ministerial Conference on Tuesday, must be adopted by 14 July.

To justify the €3-4 billion annual increase, Lecornu cited several threats, including terrorism. war in ukrainethe militarization of space, and the sophistication of cyberattacks.

He insisted it was “staying in a club in a country where you can defend yourself.”

The minister said French military aid to Ukraine was not included in this amount.

Asked about this, the minister confirmed that France is providing support on two fronts. Ukrainian forces “carry out effective counteroffensives” and support “ground-to-air defenses to protect the battlefield and major Ukrainian cities”.

Inflation impact

Lecornu also called for approval of €1.5 billion in additional spending in 2023 to address “operational emergencies”, particularly in regards to combating drones, one of the weaknesses of the French military system. Did.

It also aims to mitigate the impact of inflation, estimated at €30 billion over seven years.

Lecornu said that despite the significant increase in resources, not all planned needs are met.

For example, of the 300 armored vehicles known as Jaguars, only half will be delivered by 2030.

Similarly, the delivery of 42 Rafale fighters scheduled between 2027 and 2030 has been delayed until 2032.

The Navy has only three of the five defensive and intervention frigates promised by 2030 to deliver.

Meanwhile, programs related to nuclear deterrence and a schedule for next-generation aircraft carriers to join Charles de Gaulle by 2038 are being maintained.

The annual provision for funding external operations is set at EUR 0.8 billion.

collision in space

Paris will fund research for the next generation of Celeste Intelligence satellites and a successor to the Yoda Patrol program aimed at keeping spacecraft away from French satellites.

Meanwhile, the third Syracuse IV communications satellite was abandoned due to a constellation whose contours have not yet been defined.

The LPM also funds future air combat system demonstrator and research on future Franco-German tanks.

Meanwhile, the age limit for drafting reservists into the military will be raised to 70, Lecornu told RTL radio on Tuesday.

Currently, the age limit is between 62 and 65.

President Emmanuel Macron is keen to strengthen the country’s “moral strength” and aims to double the current number of 40,000 reserve troops. France to increase military budget to 413 billion euros over next 7 years

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