France’s controversial pension reform bill arrives in Senate

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Debate over French President Emmanuel Macron’s contested pension reform bill began in the Senate on Thursday, with the right wing that controls the House expected to treat the document more favorably than the opposition did in parliament two weeks ago. It is

The government has raised the minimum legal retirement age from 62 to 64, relying on the support of Republican (LR) senators who support citizens working longer to get adequate pensions. I’m here.

“The Senate has an obligation to its citizens and social partners to discuss the text in its entirety,” said Senate Speaker Gerard Lurcher, referring to the National Assembly debate that could not reach the end of the text. rice field. before the deadline Send it to the Senate.


More than 20,000 opposition MPs were introduced Amendments to delay discussionand the House, while missing a vote on the key point of raising the retirement age, only passed two of the bill’s 20 provisions.

Therefore, the Senate will debate the government’s original proposed legislation with little change.

The LR leadership in the House of Commons plans to hold 110 hours of debate to complete the document by midnight on March 12, a third more than the National Assembly.

A united bloc of Greens and left-wing senators who vowed to oppose reform introduced 4,700 amendments.

Republicans in the Senate are more united Member of Parliament and hold a comfortable majority with their allies.

This means it will likely pass the text with some amendments based on priorities, including balanced finances and more rights for workers with children. .

Mr Macron said over the weekend, “I would like you to enrich this sentence with what the Senate finds useful.”

Discerning point

Senate leaders have called on the government to clarify its stance on people who start working very young and reach maximum payouts to the scheme before the age of 64.

The issue was also a challenge for Congress.

Even if the Senate manages to pass the bill by March 12, it will have to be debated by a committee of senators and representatives, tasked with drafting a compromise bill that will be put to vote in both houses. owes

The debate in the Senate is that trade unions March 7 general strike.

Unions have united against the reforms, promising to “shut down France”, but some transport workers have warned of unlimited strikes.

(with wire) France’s controversial pension reform bill arrives in Senate

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