Francis Lai Story Concert at the Grand Rex


November 5th, 2021, a tribute show by composer Francis Lai was hold at Le Grand Rex in Paris. The Francis Lai Orchestra was presented with Claude Lelouch, Nicole Croisille, Calogero, Annesila, Elsa Zylberstein and others.

This special show by the Francis Lai Orchestra invites you to Fran’s Space. At the concert, a particular French romance, which held a record of records sold anywhere for French songwriter’s, remained humble, despite an imposing track record of awards and admiration.

Biography of Francis Lai

When was he born?

Francis Lai, the French composer best known for the themes of the films “Love Story” and “Man and Woman”. Born April 6, 1932, in Nice, France Rye began  playing the piano and accordion on his own.

When did he start his career?

He was enthusiastic about music since he was a child, and he produced his first scute in an orchestra in his area. He first listened to jazz in Marseille, met the famous 1950s singer Claude Goahti, and visited Paris. In this noble place full of ideas and different art streams, he met boy and girls who were to develop his tasks. The Attiro tavern on Place du Tertre praised Bernard Dimei’s talent. Bernard Dimey was go after by hundreds of songs shortly after Francis Lai launched his first song. Francis Lai accompanied Edit Piaf and one of her composers. He connected the artist Pierre Barouh, and he introduced him to the young director Claude Lelouch. Francis Lai wrote music for over 100 films and composed over 600 melodies. Planet Star, the largest international orchestra, recorded his work, and the is one of the most successful composers in the world today.

A very modest and very humble man, Francis Lai remains the French film score composer who sold the most records in the world. His work won the world’s most prestigious award in 1970. Hollywood Oscar in the music of the movie “Love Story”

Married to the father of model Dougmer with three children (Frederick, Olivier, Laura), his relatives knew he liked to work at night Eve Montana’s composer, spent weeks or months refining his composition.

Francis Lai was also one of the pioneers in the study of the use of synthetic idea and computer music. These pieces are currently released by the US Rap, British Pop and Euro Pean Techno Group, of which is one of the most trusted influences. After 5, 6 Anglo-Saxon movies, Arthur Hiller’s love story appeared for Paramount. It may seem incredible, but at first it rejected the movie.

When he went to America

First, he didn’t want to go to America because he was afraid to fly. At that time, Topic seemed a priori quite customary. Two months after the first refusal, received a second call. Reject the proposal again. He was telling that few days later, Alain. Delon calls me from the United States at He says Evans has completely edited the love story for some of my songs, and he really wants to keep that color. Evans arrives in Paris two days later and holds a copy of the movie in his arms. I fell in love when I left the show, so when I got home, sat down in front of the keyboard and immediately found, the beginning of the theme at midnight Bob told me, See you again in Frances, Los Angeles! He wasn’t wrong a few months later I won the first flight in my life


I’m sure you’ve got all the knowing about Francis Lai. There is no doubt that he was a great man, and he did a lot for music. Died on November 17, 2018.

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