French gas reserves filled for winter, target met

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France’s Energy Regulatory Commission announced on Wednesday that France’s gas reserves were full in the winter, but still called on the French people to make “massive collective efforts” to reduce energy consumption. I’m here.

“The campaign to fill up our winter storage facilities has ended with the facilities being over 99% stocked,” CRE said in a statement.

“As of October 5, suppliers have already accumulated gas reserves of nearly 130 TWh, a level higher than the average in recent years. That’s roughly two-thirds of the volume.”

With this announcement, France becomes the third country in Europe, after Belgium and Portugal, to reach its maximum natural gas storage capacity.

Saving is “important”

With Russian gas exports to France, completely withered Since 1 September, Energy Transition Minister Agnès Panier Lunacher said the government’s goal was to fill gas stocks 100% by November.

Operators are usually only obliged to fill their reserves to 85% by that date.

However, having the largest gas inventory does not eliminate the risk of problems occurring this winter. In a report released on Monday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said gas savings in Europe remained “important”.

“Without a decline in gas demand, assuming high levels of LNG supply, February storage would drop to less than 20%, and to almost 5% at low LNG supply,” the IEA said. warned.

The French government will unveil on Thursday a so-called “energy saving plan” aimed at revitalizing all sectors of economic and social life to reduce energy consumption by 10%. French gas reserves filled for winter, target met

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