French minister visits cyclone-hit Guadeloupe, relief fund activated

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Two days after the passage of Cyclone Fiona, Guadeloupe faces major decontamination efforts as it works to reconnect water supplies and repair roads. Minister of Foreign Territories Jean-François Karenco will visit the region in the near future.

Three county roads in Basseterre remained impassable on Monday, and the Rivière des Perez bridge, which connects Basseterre and Bayriff, was closed on Monday due to “significant structural damage”.

Parts of the archipelago still had no drinking water two days after Cyclone Fiona passed through.

The prefecture said in the evening that a “gradual recovery” of water distribution was continuing, thanks in particular to the provision of two reservoirs from the Basseterre National Reserve and 11 additional reservoirs in transit.

The Guadeloupe Community Water and Sanitation Agencies (SMGEAG) estimated on Sunday that about 151,000 members were affected by water shortages. storm.

He also noted that some areas of the archipelago would require “large-scale construction” to restore infrastructure.

The distribution of bottles of mineral water had been provided by the Red Cross, the prefecture said Monday, adding that “about 100 customers” still had no electricity and 340 users could not access phone connections due to damaged antennas. rice field.

“Eleven mobile antennas are not yet operational,” it said.

special relief fund

Most schools that were closed on Monday are set to reopen today, but some mayors have warned that without running water they will be unable to accommodate students.

The department’s emergency fund has been activated to “meet basic needs (mattresses, clothing, food),” Guy Rothbar, chairman of the departmental council, told media.

storm that hit Guadeloupe Late last week, a 54-year-old man died after his house was swept away overnight Friday through Saturday.

In a tweet on Sunday, President Emmanuel Macron announced the unblocking of special relief funds and promised that “the state of natural disaster will be recognized”.

Interior Minister Gerard Dalmanan announced on Sunday morning that the approval process would be signed this summer “from the end of next week”.

Minister of Foreign Territories Jean-François Karenco will travel to Guadeloupe in the near future.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Porto Rico, allowing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide assistance to the country.

Cyclone Fiona powered the island on Sunday and torrential rains caused “considerable” damage, officials said. French minister visits cyclone-hit Guadeloupe, relief fund activated

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