From the realm of enlightenment to the empire of darkness

Let us urgently act with all citizenships so that our poor country is not recognized everywhere yesterday as a “land of enlightenment”, at the table of masters of hamburgers and sweet tomato sauce, a wretched country, an empire of darkness. !

Jill Laporte (DR)

Jill Laporte

France lost:

– trains, hospitals, schools, craftsmen, industries, nuclear power plants, doctors, teachers, the military, producers of industrial and commercial goods, trade, languages, history and culture, justice, its social peace, its sovereignty…

What France is missing:

-Bread, paracetamol, basic medicines, mustard, electricity, sunflower oil, health care, school teachers, doctors, teachers, emergency services, building materials, security, dignity, work…

In France:

– commentators and debaters, critics, advisers, bankers, advertisers, large retailers, self-proclaimed elites, the poor, docile consumers (including drugs), Anglo-Saxon fools, egologists [i] And revisionist…

France no longer has anything of importance, It’s rolling like a windmill, but I still want to play the big man, I want the world to hear my falsetto voice, I want to win armed and financial wars!
armed war: What the United States is now doing in the Ukrainian territory in the name of the “Western Powers” is for their exclusive benefit: Conquest of the World. Don’t forget the election slogan, “America First!” Picked up by the Black House guru – today’s divided President JB – it brings to mind the oft-repeated and terrifying “Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt!” [1]of the cursed German Chancellor’. United States and Germany: Best Anti-European Allies and Accomplices in Turbulent Times (See decisions of new Prime Minister Olaf Scholz and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. According to Wikipedia, their ancestors is James H. Radson (1795-1868) who exploited dozens of slaves in America in the 19th century) [2].

law of the jungle

financial war: all international treaties, including the hypocritical French-German cousins ​​and NATO, with the aim of destabilizing the “old continent” (another name for the Law of the Jungle!) proclaimed by hyperliberal preachers The strategic illusion of the Russian leader born out of the “Western” contempt for his country during the collapse of the Soviet Union, in violation of the . Delusion sharing, sure tragedy! France wants to be part of this hoped-for victory of the American “friend” by providing the Ukrainian “friend” of this “friend” from across the Atlantic with money from French taxpayers’ pockets. I am thinking. Heavy tanks and fighter planes (probably, after all, nuclear weapons) soon paid for by French taxpayers, who no longer have the means to live due to the lack of trains. Drugs, schools, jobs, hospitals, doctors, courts… This vampirized France is painfully anemic and proud to be a partner of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, McKinsey, Walt Disney, ExxonMobil, Boeing, Microsoft… I would like to show myself. They are their suzerains and their vassals!


By a handful of poorly elected leaders who have become manipulators of the people of Europe to the point of organizing a referendum, albeit a massive one, knowing in advance that it will not verify the outcome. , how long will they allow themselves to be deceived and slaughtered (Chirac-Sarkozy and the European Constitution Project) and to sign treaties with clauses they decide not to respect – at the very moment they are signed (Hollande Merkel and the Minsk Agreement)? How much?
One man, even if he is the President of the Republic, ignoring opinions hostile to his project but paralyzed by his talent as a puppeteer, imperialism his ally. How long will we allow France to be thrown into total war in order to please everyone? How long will it last?
How long will our republican “elite” pretend to support one of the most corrupt nations on earth at the expense of our brave and honest workers?

Ruin and Enslavement of Europe

French citizens lack almost everything, but pay the US a high price for gas deadly to the planet, buy coal power from Germany at exorbitant prices, and provide fighter jets manufactured and sold A full-scale attack from the United States against Ukraine, which is struggling to clean up a network of corruption, caused by what it dares to call the “Western”, hostage in its own right. A casualty of war!
Are you going to pay taxes in France for a long time to fund America’s wars of conquest and enslavement of Europe?
Our elites are constantly talking about “democracy” to the point of tearing their throats…as if this call to plea alone were enough to prove its survival!
Are you going to accept the role of farcical turkey consent for the long haul?
A democratic and authentic life is unimaginable without a real and active parliamentary life.

free tenant

While the free residents of the Élysée Palace and its court play with fire… Nuclear, in a war that is not ours, where are our MPs? Under the gilded paneling of the palace, Busy playing who loses and who wins?
Where are our lawmakers and senators in this tragicomic spiral against the backdrop of the next mushroom cloud?
No more fantasies of Putin and his empire than Biden and his vassals Ukrainian President Zelensky, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, but more than war Peace…it must be the French way and voice!
Let us recall Dominique de Villepin’s intervention in the United Nations in 2003. At the time, our country dared to refuse to collude with the US lies about Iraq.

Let’s act together!

Let us urgently act in all citizenships so that the poor nation that was everywhere yesterday recognized as the “Land of Enlightenment” does not become a wretched nation, an empire of empires, at the table of masters of hamburgers and sweet tomato sauce. . darkness!
greetings and friendship

[1] Above all in Germany, above all in the world.
[2] Wikipedia Ursula Von der Leyen: The history of Georgetown County, South Carolina, University of South Carolina Press, 1970, p.
[i] you read that correctly. This is not a typo! From the realm of enlightenment to the empire of darkness

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