Getting Started With Sports Betting When You Know Nothing About It To Begin With

Sports betting is the craze right now and has become one of the biggest growing markets worldwide with an insane amount of money flowing through it every day. And for someone that is brand new to sports betting or perhaps wanting to get started, it can seem overwhelming and intimidating to say the least. It seems like a complex world, trying to make sense of all the numbers, lines, point spreads, and what seems like hundreds of possible bets on a single game.

But getting started with little knowledge about what all those numbers and crazy lines mean doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just have to be open-minded, willing to learn, and willing to take things slowly at first. There are plenty of resources and easy ways to get started out there. Let’s take a look at how to get started with sports betting.

Find A Platform

Finding a platform might be the easiest part of getting started. Find one that suits you by looking around their website or by checking out their mobile app. Don’t worry about the numbers or anything like that. Just get a feel for how the website works and if it seems user-friendly. Also, be sure that this platform has the sport or sports you wish to bet on available.

Once you get a feel for that, check out their promotions tab and see what kind of promotions they are running for new users. Oftentimes there are matching promotions or free bets that are given to people who are signing up for the first time. 

Matching promotions are the most popular and best way to go, as the platform will match the amount of money deposited for the first time with credits in that amount. So if you deposit $100 to get started, they will match it with $100 in credit that can be used for betting, but that amount cannot be withdrawn unless you use it on bets and win money with it.

Find a Sports Betting Guide

When you are finally signed up, the best thing to do is find the sports betting guide that many of these platforms provide as a resource. They will explain how popular bets like money line, point spreads, over/unders,and prop bets all work. Some are better than others, but it will get you enough information to start knowing some of the lingo and knowing what the bets mean.

There are other websites and platforms that offer a wealth of guides and information for beginners. These can also help with your betting strategies and give you ideas to think about when considering certain bets. Those websites and strategies can be a big help in understanding and placing smart bets.

Stick With Sports You Know

Don’t get in over your head because there are so many options that you could possibly bet on. If you don’t know anything about darts, stay away from betting on those sports. If your Sundays revolve around the NFL from August to February, stick to making bets on the NFL.

There is no shame in sticking to only one sport. Do what you are comfortable with and don’t feel added pressure to expand to other sports until you are ready. Who knows, maybe sports betting helps segway you into the enjoyment of sports that you previously did not find attractive.

Start Slow

The nice thing about sports betting and most of today’s platforms are that you can make really small bets. And that is great for first-timers with a small knowledge base on sports betting. Learn the ropes at your own pace and what you feel comfortable with until your experience grows. Some of these platforms let you bet in ten-cent increments if you so desire. 

Imagine being able to place ten bets a night and only spend a dollar. That is a great way to learn without breaking the bank. You won’t get rich quickly doing it that way, but if it is the beginning of your learning curve, the more bets you can make, the better you will learn what strategies work best for you.


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