Government: those promoted and those fired

After weeks of turmoil between rue Élysée and Matignon, the Borne 2 government is set to hold a full-scale meeting with President Emmanuel Macron at the Council of Ministers meeting this Friday, July 21.

There was no major turmoil apart from the dismissal of a few cabinet ministers and the consolidation of a few others. After all, it’s business as usual. Bone 2’s government will be similar to Bone 1’s and will be bland and bland.

Marlene Skippa, Pap Ndiai and François Braun sacked

Marlene Schappa is no longer a minister (Wikimedia Commons)

to sum up. Marlene Skippa, the former secretary of state for social and economic affairs was dismissed. Elise and Matignon did not appreciate her interview in the charming magazine “Playboy”. Then there was her Marianne Foundation scandal and she completely discredited herself. Then let her go.
Pap Ndiai It never succeeded in imposing itself on this great Ministry of National Education. He made several big mistakes, the last of which was accusing billionaire Vincent Bolloré and CNews and Europe 1 journalists of being far right. Red suppressive.
Francois BrownAn emergency doctor from the Moselle, he was dismissed due to ill health as head of the Ministry of Health during the coronavirus crisis.
The unknown Olivier Klein, who had previously served as head of the Minister for Urban Affairs and Housing, is leaving the post.

Newly appointed

Gabriel Attal, formerly Deputy Minister of Public Accounts, leaves Bercy for Rue Grenelle. A nice promotion for a staunch follower of the French president who succeeded Pap Ndiayi.
Aurélien RousseauElizabeth Vaughn’s former chief of staff to become health minister. Philippe VigeeMember of Parliament (MoDem), Minister of Foreign Affairs of France. Aurore BergerAppointed President of the Renaissance Party of the French National Assembly and Minister of Solidarity (successor to Marlene Schippa). Patrice BerglieteDunkirk Mayor replaces Olivier Klein as Minister of Housing.
Renaissance MP Fadilla Hattabi Appointed as a representative of the Minister of Persons with Disabilities. Bouches du Rhone MP Sabrina Agresti Lubash Appointed Acting Minister for Urban Affairs.
The entire new government will attend its first ministerial meeting at the Elysée Palace on Friday.
Let’s get to work!

new government

The composition of the government under the Decree signed today on the proposal of the Prime Minister in charge of environment and energy planning is as follows:

Bruno Le Maire Minister of Economy, Finance, Industry and Digital Sovereignty.

Gérald Dalmanin, Minister of the Interior and Foreign Affairs of France.

Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Eric Dupont Moretti, Minister of Justice.

Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of the Armed Forces;

Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration.

Gabriel Attal, Minister of National Education and Youth.

Minister of Higher Education and Research, Sylvie Letairoo.

Marc Fesno, Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty.

Christophe BÉCHU, Minister for Ecological Transitions and Territorial Integrity.

Agnès Panier-Lunachet, Minister for the Energy Transition;

Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak.

Aurélien Rousseau, Minister of Health and Prevention.

Aurore Berghe, Minister of Solidarity and Family.

Stanislas Guerrini, Minister for Public Transformation and Civil Services.

Amelie Udea-Castella, Minister of Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The following are appointed Ministerial Representatives:

To Prime Minister:

Olivier Véran, Democratic Renewal, Government Spokesperson.

Frank Riester, in charge of Relations with Congress.

Bérangère Couillard, responsible for women’s and men’s equality and fighting discrimination.

To the Minister of Economy and Finance, Minister of Industry and Digital Sovereignty:

Roland LESCURE, responsible for industry.

Jean-Noël BARROT, Head of Digital.

Olivia Gregoire, Small Business, Trade, Crafts and Tourism.

Thomas CAZENAVE, Public Accountant.

To the Minister of Home Affairs and Overseas Territories and Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Integrity:

Dominique FAURE, Head of Regional and Rural Groups.

To the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Overseas Territories:

Philippe VIGIER, French Foreign Affairs.

To the European Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Olivier Becht (Foreign Trade, Attractiveness, France Overseas)

To the Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration and the Minister of National Education and Youth:

Carole Grandjean, Vocational Education and Training,

To the Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Integrity:

Clément Beaune, in charge of transportation.

Patrice Bergliete, Residential.

To the Minister of Health and Prevention:

Agnès Firmin Le Baud, Regional Organizations and Health Professionals
Profession ;

To the Minister for Solidarity and Family:

Fadilah Khattabi Disabled Persons Relations.
The following are appointed as Secretary of State:

To Prime Minister:

Charlotte Corbell, Childhood.

Hervé Belleville, in charge of the sea.

To the Minister of Home Affairs and Overseas Territories and Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Integrity:

Sabrina Agresti Lubash, Urban Affairs.

To the French Foreign Minister:

Sonia Bax, Citizenship Officer.

To the European Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Lawrence Boone, Europe.

Mr. Chrysoula ZACHAROPOUULOU, Developer, Francophone,
international partnerships;

To the Minister of the Armed Forces and the Minister of National Education and Youth:

Prisca Thevenot, Youth and National Universal Service.

To the Minister of Armed Forces:

Patricia Miralles, Veterans and Memorial Service.

To the Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Integrity:

Sarah El Haley, Biodiversity Officer.

The President of the Republic will convene a Council of Ministers on Friday 21 July at 11 am. Government: those promoted and those fired

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