Homophobic and transphobic physical attacks on the rise in France

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French LGBT+ rights groups say 2002 marked an alarming increase in reports of physical attacks by homosexuals and transsexuals, and called on the government to devote more resources to investigating and prosecuting such crimes. rice field.

among them annual report SOS homophobia (SOS homophobia) was reported in 2002 despite reports of homophobic and discriminatory behavior still persisting over calls received on hotlines and alerts sent via websites. It said it saw a 28% increase in attack alerts compared to the previous year. almost the same.

The SOS homophobic group has received reports of 184 physical attacks in 2022. About once every two days – 2018 recordBut it’s still worryingly high, the group said.

“Violence against transgender people is on the rise due to the increased prominence of transgender people in public discourse,” the report said.

“Despite evolving laws and attitudes, even today LGBT people are still not always free to be themselves,” the group said.

Violence against gay and transgender people includes “dating app ambushes,” the report said, in which a male couple were attacked with a knife on a subway, and five young men were the assailants. It covers cases of being beaten and two women being spat on by a car. A man who repeatedly said, “Your race has no right to live” by a neighbor.

Nearly 1,500 people reported discrimination incidents, ranging from realtors who refused to sell or rent to LGBTQ couples and families to stores and libraries that refused entry to nonbinary and transgender people.

The report highlights a 26% increase. Last year saw a spate of transphobic incidents in which schools “often refused to make any administrative changes” to students’ gender identities.

SOS Homophobia has directed governments to launch awareness campaigns and provide more resources to investigate homophobic and transphobic crimes, especially to train police, who often still refuse to accept charges of homophobic conduct. I am asking you to put in.

Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin announced this week that an LGBT+ plan for law enforcement, including increased training for police, would be presented in June.

(with newswire) Homophobic and transphobic physical attacks on the rise in France

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