How To Stream On YouTube? Tips For Beginners

In 2022, the word Streamer already refers to a full-fledged profession. At first the Twitch platform was relevant for hosting games. After such a frenzy, many sites tried to repeat the success of Twitch. One of such sites was YouTube.

Now on YouTube you can already hold live broadcasts and they are very popular with the audience. Many streamers now stream on multiple platforms simultaneously, because it helps to increase their earnings. Let’s start from the beginning.

How to live stream on YouTube?

You can start a live broadcast on YouTube using your computer webcam, video encoder, or cell phone.

To start streaming from your computer, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to your channel
  2. In the upper right corner, click the video icon with a plus sign and select “Go live”.
  3. Confirm your channel
  4. If this is your first YouTube live stream, you need to enable the feature first. Access to your first live broadcast is not immediate, so it’s best to do it a day in advance. Then you can broadcast at any time.

How to go live on YouTube by using a video encoder?

A video encoder is a separate device or program that converts your content into a digital format.

  1. Connect your equipment: webcam, microphone or headset to your computer
  2. Start the live broadcast according to the plan we described above
  3. In the video encoder settings select an option which allows you to broadcast on YouTube. If you do not have this option copy the URL of the broadcast and paste it into the field where you want to specify the server. It can also say “RTMP Server.
  4. Copy the broadcast key from YouTube and paste it into the “Broadcast Key” field in the video encoder settings.
  5. Make sure everything is set up and go live. Once you do this, a viewing page will be created for the broadcast. The broadcast will also appear in your subscribers’ feeds. They’ll also receive a notification about it.
  6. To end the broadcast, stop streaming via the video encoder. If it lasts less than 12 hours, the recording will be saved automatically. You can view information about past, ongoing, and scheduled broadcasts in the YouTube Creative Studio. To do this, go to “Content” and open the “Broadcasts” tab

Tips for your first stream

A streamer should discuss a topic in an interesting way. But if it’s a monologue, viewers will be bored, because they don’t participate in the process. To get more attention, you should consider streaming as a way of communicating with the audience. Viewers can ask questions and ask for their opinion on this or that issue, both concerning video games and life in general. They will answer in real time right in the chat room. Conversations like these make the live stream more interesting for both sides, for the author and for the channel’s visitors. Users’ answers will also stimulate chatting, which can also have a positive effect on the channel’s promotion on YouTube. You should answer viewers’ questions as much as possible, as well as thank them for their subscriptions or donations.

Try to look at the camera more often

Eye contact makes the emotional connection with the other person during the conversation stronger. In the case of live streaming, this kind of interaction is one-way, because channel visitors can see the streamer, and he can’t see them. Since there is no object to direct the gaze, the streamer can easily forget about the eye contact and its impact. It is necessary from time to time, at least during conversations rather than games, to look directly into the video camera (regardless of which device is used, computer or smartphone) rather than at the screen. Viewers will get the impression that the streamer sees them and speaks directly to them. If the author of the video is constantly looking at the monitor, the viewer may feel detached and eventually get bored of watching everything from the sidelines.

Invite a guest

Streaming is not necessarily one person in the frame. Live broadcasts will be more interesting if there are two or more presenters (if not on camera, then at least on the audio link). It can be just a talker/commentator or a teammate. But inviting a guest to the stream should also be the right thing to do. He should be interesting to play or able to comment on matches / to tell stories. It’s good if the invited person is also a streamer, this will allow you to double the channel’s audience.

It’s easy to start streaming on YouTube, just have a microphone and a webcam, connect to the Internet, choose the topic and go ahead. The average PC user already has all these things. It’s much harder to make a stream interesting for the viewers, to stand out against the background of other channel owners. The above tips are the basics. They will help you to get a strong foothold on the streaming platform.

Try yourself in different ways

You don’t have to play games exclusively. Streaming formats on YouTube in terms of topics is unlimited and this is one of the advantages of this platform, so you can find your niche and occupy it.

You can broadcast your normal life to people. Show them your everyday life and your animals, such broadcasts are popular. You can become a reviewer of TV series and movies and tell about the premieres, and if you are a travel blogger, making a live broadcast from an unusual place is a guaranteed success.

If you have something to teach your audience, then how-to guides or instructional videos are just right for you. It’s especially enjoyable to communicate live, as people are in real-time dialogue with you.

The most important thing is to not be afraid and get started. Streaming is at the peak of popularity on the internet right now, so be on trend and shoot too. We wish you the best of luck!


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