Immediately, 5 complaints were lodged against Le Miremont Hospital

Four complaints for manslaughter and one for endangering another’s life are quite a few for the same organization. The hospital in Lumirmont, 88, is in legal turmoil. And this is probably just the beginning.


Spinaria attorney Nancy Lisacher has recently filed three criminal complaints warnings, all against X, all targeting Remiremont Hospital in the Vosges. Another complaint had been filed earlier by one of her colleagues who took over her file. And her fifth one, currently in draft, is expected to be submitted early next week. Four of her complaints involved manslaughter, and her final one involved injury and danger to life. Serious charges with eerily similar unexplained deaths.

2 deaths from femur fractures

When 67-year-old Martine Souk was admitted to Remiremont in July 2022 with a broken femur, none of her daughters thought she would die in hospital. Especially since her mother’s surgery went well and she was to go to a rehab center. However, Martine Suk died suddenly on the day she was discharged from the hospital. Her daughters do not understand: what happened?
Despite their insistence on understanding, no clear and coherent explanation was given to them. “They hit a wall. There was a lack of communication on the part of the hospital team, sometimes even unpleasant reflections,” said Me Risacher.
But the heart of the matter lies elsewhere. Medical follow-up files are completely vague and contain “several inconsistencies, missing data and troubling elements” that make it “impossible to reconstruct a patient’s history of care.” All we know is that she complained of pain in her back before being found unconscious, and pain in her chest shortly thereafter. Did she receive treatment for these symptoms?It’s a mystery. Was she dead when she was found unconscious? “Her medical records show she was already hypothermic, so we can assume so. But her blood pressure was 6. How is this possible?” emphasizes the lawyer.
While this incident was in the news, the son of the woman who died in July 2020 reached out to Me Risacher and told more or less the same story. His 78-year-old mother was also admitted to Le Milmont with a broken femur and died suddenly some time after her surgery. Her medical files show that she was treated by the same surgeon and the same anesthesiologist as Martine Suk. I remember calling her when she wasn’t feeling well at all.He came to pick her up and…

2 deaths from acute pancreatitis

Another unexplained death: the death of Irena Rouillon, a 59-year-old woman who was admitted to Lumirmont in May 2022 for acute pancreatitis. Her patient died suddenly, again without a valid explanation, with administrative discrepancies and mysterious medical files.

As before, media coverage of the case brought another: Me Risacher was contacted not long ago by the husband of Claudette Zanin, a 51-year-old woman who died in a hospital in Remiremont in December 2018. received. Acute pancreatitis again under very unclear circumstances.

“Every time these deaths are explained by cardiac arrest or multiple organ failure, but these are not the explanations. What caused these patients to suddenly worsen? Were every effort made to prevent it? Considering the medical follow-up files provided, we can seriously doubt it,” argues Epinal’s trial attorney. ”.

10 rib fractures went unnoticed

In the last case, fortunately there were no fatalities, the worst could have happened, and there were complaints of injuries and deaths. It concerns his 46-year-old man who was hospitalized at Le Miremont after falling from a roof in October 2022. Despite his pain and difficulty breathing, the medical team detected no abnormalities in the scans and sent him home with a prescription for Driprene.After about three weeks, the man in excruciating pain finally died. Essayle had his x-rays taken at his medical imaging center in Nancy. The results are clear and without any appeal. His ribs are his 10 broken.
“It’s incomprehensible. If one of the ribs had touched the spleen, liver, or lungs, the consequences could have been very serious,” says Mrs. Risacher. She thinks she cannot accept such a failure.

Under judicial investigation

Regarding the unexplained death, the Epinal Public Prosecutor’s Office launched a judicial investigation “against X on charges of involuntary manslaughter”, and prosecutor Frederick Nahon referred the case to an investigating judge. It must be clarified whether there was a medical error in

Meanwhile, the management of Le Milmont Hospital said it was “sorry about this situation.” Director Dominique Chubaud said patients benefited from “rule-of-the-art management” by an “experienced surgical team.”

However, the incident is likely to become more serious. In fact, several families have contacted Me Risacher in recent days to report similar suspicious deaths at hospitals (Lumiremont is not alone). If not, it’s very likely that the list of complaints will grow. Immediately, 5 complaints were lodged against Le Miremont Hospital

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