Interview with Catherine Colonna and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (15.07.23)

French public policy in Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Algeria. What about France’s international reputation?

Ce qui compte c’est que l’ordre républicain, l’ordre démocratique, aété rétabli. Il faut comprendre l’ensemble des raisons de ce qui s’est passé, qui Sont multiples. Declarations of permanence under certain names: parental education, education, employee access, cultural memes. France’s avant-garde activity, the result of economic activity, the development of industrial reproduction, the development of industry, the subsidization of public services and the movement towards the pinnacle of transition are necessary. Wealthy tourists pay for Notre Dame money! Certain payouts have catastrophic effects with population growth.

La France is located in the Ukrainian parse couelle of Autun Allemande-sur-Largisment-sur-position, Beaucoup Place du Côte de la Pologne and Depay Barthes en Favour d’Signal. Plus Claire?

The results in Vilnius meet the necessary conditions for tracing chemicals in Ukraine and Otan. Statements to confirm the safety of Ukraine should always take into account conditions such as OTAN. Watch as President Macron reconfirms the situation, depending on the situation. Jerelèveaussi qu’on a bientravailléavec notre partenaire allemand pour trouver ce point d’équilibre Annalena Barbock gives information about her married life in Oslo and reports on her married life in Oslo.

Stop Russian attacks to stop highly secure avant-garde attacks. We are waiting for your important message. La Russia engages in a pregnant false strategy that has no Ukrainian raison d’etre. El ne douit pas cometel un nouvel error an imaginant ku le ten jue pool el. Le Temps Jouet Contre Elle. Get your Vilnius messages now!

Sur l’élargissement de l’Union Européenne, l’impression que la France soit désormais plus allante que l’Allemagne. Do you want to change the comment explicitly?

L’élargissement se fera selon les règles. It is clear to us that Russia will change Ukraine. Comment Prepare a new realistic strategy and proceed with the process of the process? Désormais nous considérons tous l’élargissement comme un impératif. I will cross Australia and live a real life without glue, to protect Europe and European security. Pay for the Balkans. Non seulement les pays candidats doivent Faire les réformes nécessaires, mais nous meme, nous devrons nous réformer, réformer nos modes de award de decision, avec un recours à la règle de qualifiée dans plus de Domaines, ou accepter aussi quesures puissent aller plus integration Choose your conditions and ensure a safe arrival. Aim for a new flexible introduction in European construction.

After the French attack is over, do you rethink your strategy after the withdrawal of the Malian Federal Army?

Mali, the most essential of greater clarity. Initiate post-coup military operations, strengthen Wagnerian alliances, monitor Russian mercenary groups, monitor terrorism, and formulate rigorous mandates and documents between national and civil coalitions. Crime, violence, looting of resources…Wagner’s presence in 2021 needs to be reexamined and Mali’s behavior irrelevant. We monitor criminal group finances, monitor retired groups, and monitor Australian auxiliaries. Seule l’aide humanitaire est maintenue. History has a solid commentator on his relationship with his son, who hails from a former colony of France. Iln’en est rien comme montre la demande recente faite par la junte du départ de la Mission desnations unies, et alors Même que ce Sont surtout des des contingents africains qui forment la MINUSMA !

Le Mali a un problème avec l’ensemble de la communauté internationale.

Le gouvernement allemand ne devrait-il pas arrêter Son aide au développement au Mali également ?

Care must be taken to make decisive decisions, establish key positions, consider international security, and exercise safe financial management. Effectiveness of the group facing terrorist groups and threatened to attack Mali. Additionally, in Africa, Russian military interrogators attack a mercenary group.

L’échec de l’Europe au Mali Signe-t-il la fin d’une Sure political Africa?

The world of Sub-Sahariennes in France, Europe and Africa. European participants carry out missions for the benefit of the region. Nous venons de lancer, il ya un mois, une nouvelle Mission Civile de l’UE au Niger. Gnu, Europe, Somme Les Premieres Bayeur Dayd aux Development Poole Africa. Europe’s Global Gateway Program suspends infrastructure financing programs to sustain transitional environments across Africa.

La France promotes India’s strategic strategy, and President Macron is part of the Oceany champions. Est-ce que la France se voit comme une puissance asiatique?

France is Australia’s Indo-Pacific nation and territory in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with a French population of one million and a permanent French military force. Safe maritime affairs of the European Union have the effect of a permanent mandate to ensure international freedom of navigation. Faced with realistic strategic nouvelles, straining croissants, over-claiming Chinese croissants, and facing economic conditions and climate change. Freedom of choice must be prioritized and payments must be sought to enable regional cooperation. Celles-ci peuvent être variable, selon les Domaines. Interested in the life of Salomon, conducting experiments affecting Chinoise, interested in the Indo-Pacific, and wishing to act freely.

Will France’s new strategy take risks?

Je Le Croix. Cette strategy will respond to the plan in line with China’s proposal, and take steps to maintain competition, parallelism and competitiveness, competitive dimension and evidence, and cooperation with partners. Whenever possible, acknowledge your differences, acknowledge your needs, and set an example for men. Avoid over-reliance. La nouvelle approche allemande reconstructs the French stereotype and builds nous sommes step by step.

As for the relationship between France and Armand, consider whether President Macron and reporters will visit.

Report regrets to avoid French-Allemande ties, ensure necessary activities and security, and give examples of political politics and defense force programs. C’est une relationship qui change la vie des millions de gens. Annalena Barbock at Wil in Steinfeld and Lauterburg to carry out part of the frontier and major duties, and to acquire European town planning and approval. provide the services of ah. Nous sommes faits pour nous entender ! Interview with Catherine Colonna and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (15.07.23)

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