Judges avoid voting for city/county fuel farms.news

ll successfully avoided a vote Monday on a proposed city/county fuel farm on recently purchased land on N. Main Street, with majority support by the Lamar County Commission Court.

Commissioners Ronnie Bass, Alan Skidmore and Kevin Anderson have repeatedly backed negotiations with the City of Paris with fuel distributors to prepare the former Shell petrol station site for fuel distribution purposes. .

It was Anderson who initiated the discussion when the judge released Agenda Item 17. This is a discussion and/or litigation by the Lamar County Commission regarding real estate at 2805 North Maine, Paris, Texas.

Anderson said he called several vendors on Dec. 8. Jackson Oil Company of Mount Pleasant, Whole Oil Company of Sulfur Springs and Douglas Distributing Company of Sherman. farm. He received his $2 quote. Unable to obtain a local estimate, Anderson sent someone to purchase fuel for the pump to obtain a receipt.

“It was $2.99 ​​to fill up our police car, and we were able to buy fuel that day for $2, saving us 99 cents,” Anderson said. “You talked about how long it would take to pay for this project, but it’s not true to calculate it at 30 cents.”

Bell objected to the argument.

“After this article appeared in the newspaper last week, several people called me and said they were interested in being here for discussion,” Bell said, noting that the issue was He added that he thinks it should be on the agenda as a fuel farm. 2805 N. Main St.

After Bell spent several minutes considering his objection to further action, the judge again updated his request for a specific agenda item. rice field.

In another case, the court received a donation of $29,995 from the Lamar County United Way to purchase an outdoor alarm system to be installed in the Saunders Cove area of ​​Lake Pat Mace.

“Thanks to the generosity of our community and corporate partners, we have raised enough money to donate $120,000 to the families of tornado victims. I am proposing,” he said.

“This donation will allow us to cover one of the hardest-hit areas of the November 4th tornado, as well as the walkways, campgrounds, and the lake itself, thanks to the second system we ordered.” said Quincy Blount, Lamar County Emergency Management Coordinator. “People outside during a tornado are one of our biggest concerns and this helps us a lot.”

In other actions, the Commissioners voted to:

• Switch the county’s mass notification system from CodeRED and Rave Mobile Safety due to improved communication capabilities.

• Using a $250,000 state communications subsidy to install a communications tower on the site of 2805 N. Main Street with an estimated $1 million asset, and the American Rescue Act for the necessary research and filing with the Federal Aviation Administration. Approves $12,000 from endowment, Federal Communications Commission.

• Extend the November 4th Tornado Hazard Declaration through January 31st.

Approving a seven-year property tax relief for prospective clients of Paris Economic Development Corp, code-named Red Maple.

• 2673 N. Leases office space on Main Street to SAFT-T Crisis Center.

• Work with the Department of Defense to allow the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office to participate in the Office of Law Enforcement Assistance program to enable law enforcement to acquire surplus military equipment.

• Lease a stockpile area in District 1 for $1,200.

• Authorize payment of $28,062.50 from the Texas County Association for the damaged Division 5 Constable vehicle.

• Accept all bids for unleaded petrol, diesel fuel and road materials.

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