Karnataka Government and COVIDActionCollab Introduce Environmental Monitoring Platform

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Precision Health Platform tracks COVID-19 through wastewater monitoring, Bangalore is the city’s first effort

To address the growing number of COVID-19 cases across India, the Government of Karnataka will introduce a city-wide sewage monitoring system in Bengaluru to enable early tracking of the virus even in asymptomatic individuals.

This project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the COVIDActionCollab (CAC), which is backed by the Squall Foundation. The country’s most vulnerable community.

Last year, scientists around the world discovered that wastewater testing acts as a cost-effective early warning system, often predicting an increase in COVID-19 before the official case count increases. I will. Bangalore’s Precision Health Platform is the first of its kind in Asia to inspect sewage from both sewage and non-sewage wastewater to identify new infection clusters. Early identification of clusters can guide policy makers to respond to COVID-19 and provide policy makers with the information they need to better allocate limited pandemic resources.

The CAC supports the Government of Karnataka to provide sanitary workers and lab technicians with training to collect sewage samples for testing, transport them to the lab, analyze them and safely dispose of them. To do. A group of technical experts provides policy makers with program input and insights for targeted COVID-19 prevention, care, and management services based on analysis.

The Government of Karnataka will begin testing in 45 districts of the city.

Deputy Secretary of State for Urban Development, Rakesh Singh, said: area. We are pleased to be the first to launch this platform in India. “

Sewage testing is not a replacement for clinical testing and citizens are encouraged to follow safety guidelines, but this monitoring system is a cost-effective tool, not only for COVID-19, but also for others in the future. Identify potential pandemic pathogens and measure antimicrobial resistance in the population.

Dr. Angela Chauduri, Health Lead of COVIDActionCollab, said, “Many experiments and studies have been conducted to find traces of the COVID-19 virus in sewage, but Bengaluru is such a groundbreaking surveillance system. Join the Netherlands, Finland and Israel with experts from around the world to support the initiative. “

In addition, USAID / Director of Health of India San Gita Patel said, “Since the pandemic began, the United States and India have been working closely to provide life-saving treatments and spread the public health message to the community. Enhances case detection and monitoring. Supports innovative solutions to enhance emergency response and readiness. USAID has COVIDActionCollab and better preparation and management for pandemics. We are proud to support these efforts to identify early clusters of viruses in the United States. We hope that our success in Karnataka will lead to the expansion of similar systems elsewhere in India.

In addition, Lucian Chan, managing director of the Squall Foundation, said, “The precision public health surveillance approach developed by COVIDActionCollab has greatly helped governments monitor the spread of the virus and not respond after the crisis. It has happened. The program has immense potential and we look forward to other governments considering this approach in their respective states. “

Karnataka Government and COVIDActionCollab Introduce Environmental Monitoring Platform

Source link Karnataka Government and COVIDActionCollab Introduce Environmental Monitoring Platform

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