Kurds in Iran come under attack again.

Men In mid-November, Tehran authorities stepped up crackdowns in the northwest, where most of Iran’s Kurds live. The city of Mahabad was besieged by the army and the riot forces were reinforced with tanks. Live ammunition was used against demonstrators, according to some accounts given by the Kurdish diaspora. This is the area where his Mahsa Amini (Kurdish first name Jina), who died in September after being interrogated by the Moral Police (Gasht-e Ershad), sparked popular protests against the regime. expanded exponentially.

At the same time, various bombings (using missiles and drones) were carried out against some of the Kurdish rebels deported to Iraqi Kurdistan, sparking protests in Baghdad against encroachment on sovereign territory. The crackdown on protesters from within Iran and attacks on Kurdish opposition activists across Iraqi borders, including the Democratic Party of Iran-Kurdistan (PDKI) and Komala (Iran Kurdistan’s Komala Party), have complementary objectives. rice field.

For the Iranian government, it was primarily to prevent Iranian Kurdistan from escaping its rule. Its purpose was undoubtedly reinforced by the memory of Mahabad’s brief Autonomous Republic (January-December 1946). (1) Between 1979 and 1982, order was restored and the Islamic Republic cleared the PDKI’s claim of “democracy in Iran and autonomy in Kurdistan”, but only after a bitter conflict. Repression of Kurds and killing of thousands.

Tehran authorities have also capitalized on this former opposition, saying that the current wave of protests across Iran was blamed on Kurds, an “internal enemy” the Iranian government has allied with the opposition across the Iraqi border. Declared rooted in destabilization attempts. “terrorist”. At the same time, on November 20, in retaliation for the bombing of Istanbul on November 13, the Turkish government accused Kurdish separatists and Turkish authorities launched her Claw against Kurds in both Syria and Iraq. -Started Operation Sword. Kurds in Iran come under attack again.

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