Language: Identity, Domination, Resistance (Le Monde Diplomacy)

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Should endangered languages ​​simply be allowed to disappear? The mandate of the “cultural industry” is creating an increasingly black and white world. Language acts as a conduit for sharing valuable knowledge and information.

Throughout history, several major languages ​​have facilitated communication across regions, countries and continents. Having a common vector strengthens nationalist structures and facilitates conferences, cooperation and exchange of views at the international level. But each idiom also conveys competing interests.

Like Luxembourg, languages ​​are invented or enhanced every day. The human imagination flips or evades grammars when they are too prescriptive, like overly narrow political constraints.

Contents of this eBook:

Philippe Descamps & Xavier Monthéard, “Rewriting Luxembourgish”

Edward W said, “Eloquent and elegant Arabic”

Nikita Taranko Acosta, ‘Ukraine imposes its own voice’

Christine Holzbauer, “Cameroon, Divided by Language”

Akira Mizubayashi “Knowing Where You Are”

Hélène Richard, ‘Latvia, small and increasingly fragmented’

Philippe Descamps & Xavier Monthéard, ‘One alphabet to tie it all together’

Take Sides is a series of e-books published by le monde diplomacyEach eBook publishes the most important articles on noteworthy topics from the English-language archives since 1996. Language: Identity, Domination, Resistance (Le Monde Diplomacy)

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