Lunelus was named the Detroit

Kazaryana Lunelus has a lot to cheer for.

The senior is a 2023 class congratulatory speaker at Detroit High School, who won both academic and athletic scholarships and plans to attend college with the blessing of his family.

“I’m going to attend Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska,” she said. She will play in Division II basketball there.

She had been contacted by university officials during her sophomore year, but had not yet decided where to attend.

But a visit to a college campus during her senior year helped her make up her mind.

“I fell in love with the campus when I visited,” said Renelles. “I really loved the gym. I wanted to go there.”

From a young age, she had a desire to get good grades and prepare for her future education.

“I always wanted to be on the A-list. I tried to get the best grades I could in every class,” she said.

“My favorite subject is definitely

It’s history,” she said. “I love learning how we got here.”

She said her love for history was made even stronger thanks to Cheryl Marquez, the history teacher who taught her last year.

During her years at DISD, starting in elementary school, she played sports and was active in the school system.

“I played basketball, volleyball, cheerleader and track and field,” she said. “I loved the relationships I built.

“Competing as a cheerleader at the UIL level was really fun,” she said of her cheerleading team’s first college inter-high league match. “It’s something I will never forget.

“Another thing I will never forget is when a junior student told me that they respected me. I feel like I have fulfilled my role as a senior, and I am very happy,” he said. “I was a good role model.” Lunelus was named the Detroit

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