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« Ma langue au chat », Soup, Secrets and Devignettes

“I wanted to talk to people in their 50s about women facing this age. Rencontre du Cinema de Gerardmer.

“Le chat est plus présent par son absent”, confie la réalisatrice Cécile Telerman

The not-so-small cat is dead, or at least missing, and is panicking this weekend in the countryside told in Cecil Terrellman’s film Ma langue au chat (out April 26). At the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Zabu Breitman and Pascal Herbe), a group of old friends gather to celebrate their birthday. My wife is especially obsessed with Maxo, the ubiquitous tabby cat in the couple’s bed. .

Among the guests were his brother and sister-in-law (Matthias Murex and Marie-José Croze), a slightly lost bachelor (Samuel Le Bien), an old friend (Pascal Demolon) and his new young fiancée. (Camille Lelouch). , a business influencer of sorts, and a single mother and colleague of Rolls, Magali (Mélanie Bernier) places her friendly neighbor in the environment where her husband is trying to unblock her back in her home. don’t forget

Age, time, meaning of life…

Generally, choral films, mostly comedies, feature thirty-somethings caught in sentimental turmoil. Here most of the characters are in his fifties and the themes are about age, time and the meaning of life. I wanted to talk to people in their 50s and about women facing this age,” said Cécile Tellermann (director of “Tout pour plaire,” “Les yeux rouge des crocodiles”) when she showed the film Lancontre du confided in her Cinema de Gerardmer. in preview. “No 50-year-old actress wanted to play the role of a woman in menopause. Few things connect people anymore, ”adds the filmmaker.

Allergic to cat fur causes weekend drama. The mother’s cat, Max, spends the night outside and, worse, thinks a guest has crushed a croissant while trying to get one in the morning. The planned program, apéritif, pétanque, her birthday cake… is of course interrupted, and while everyone is looking for the missing cat, Laure begins to suspect everyone. “She has bubbles around her and she reacts badly to reality,” says Cecil Terrellman. Cats don’t like putty, so don’t be mad at them. That’s what people blame themselves for. It’s not normal for her to prefer her cat over her friend or husband,” says the director, who is aware of her fused relationship with her cat.

“The disillusionment of seeing yourself grow old”

Marriage crises, personal disasters, small arrangements, malice, loneliness, disillusionment, selfishness, and all express for themselves during this failed weekend. There are flaws and illusions in the characters, and I’m disillusioned with seeing myself grow old,” says Cecil Terrellman. group spirit. “And it created an auteur key that was very close to what happened in the movie. The interaction also existed outside the shoot,” says actress Melanie Vernier, who also joins Gérard Meyer. is a really great girl.She has to be confident in herself to get out of it.I loved playing her,” says the actress.

Tongue up to a cat when confronting a riddle, the title of the movie reminds us all that some people don’t dare to say it out loud. There is a risk when we say what we think. Characters don’t hide big things from each other, but guilt can lie,” she says Cécile Telerman. And finally, they tell each other things, claim the truth, and reveal secrets.

Patrick Tardit

Ma langue au chat, directed by Cécile Terermann, starring Zabu Brightman, Pascal Hervé, Melanie Bernier, Marie-Josée Croze, Pascal Demolon, Samuel Le Bien, Camille Lelouch and Matthias Murex ( Published on April 26).

A sympathetic social comedy with a cast of mostly fifties choral films.
A sympathetic social comedy with a cast of mostly fifties choral films.

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