Macron announces emergency bill to ‘accelerate recovery’ after riots

Following the death of a 17-year-old boy in a traffic stop near Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced an “emergency bill” to speed up the recovery of towns affected by the past week’s riots. Announced.

Issuance of:

President Macron told some 250 French mayors gathered at the Elysée Palace on Tuesday that the bill would “eliminate all delays” and speed up the reconstruction of towns damaged after the riots. It did not specify when the document would be considered.

He promised help in repairing broken video surveillance equipment and financial assistance in repairing roads, public buildings and schools.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday that the government could allow companies to be destroyed. Riot Suspend tax and social security payments to rebuild.

The meeting came as officials nationwide reported much calmer nights.

“Will it return to equanimity forever?” Mr. Macron asked. “I’m cautious, but the peak we’ve seen in the last few days has passed,” he said.

“We all want a lasting republican order…that is an absolute priority,” he added.

rioting and looting

The government has fought riots and looting since he was 17 Neher M was killed By police officers at a traffic checkpoint in the Paris suburb of Nanterre last Tuesday.

Nighttime violence in French cities has halved in 24 hours, with 72 arrests nationwide on Tuesday, according to the interior ministry.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanan said dozens of buildings were damaged, including four police and gendarmerie offices, but no one was injured.

By Wednesday, that number had dwindled to 16 people arrested and eight buildings burned or damaged.

More than 150 vehicles were set on fire and hundreds of fires started in garbage bins and public areas.

Just under 4,000 arrests have been made since Friday, including more than 1,200 minors, according to Justice Ministry figures.

police Attendance remained at the same level as the previous two nights, at 45,000 across France.

mayors meeting

Mayors across France held a rally on Monday calling for an end to violent clashes.

Their call for a “return to the republic” came after a burning car rammed the home of Mayor Les Roses in the Paris suburbs, sparking widespread outrage.

After a meeting with police, Macron thanked police, gendarmes and firefighters for the “unusual mobilization in recent nights” in a tweet late at night.

A presidential office source said Mr Macron wanted the mayors’ meeting to “begin the painstaking and long-term work necessary to understand the profound reasons for these events”.

The French president also undertook a number of long-term projects, without going into details, ranging from housing to decentralization, juvenile justice and education.

(with AFP) Macron announces emergency bill to ‘accelerate recovery’ after riots

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