Macron urges China to play ‘greater broker’ in Ukraine issue

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday urged China to play a “greater mediation role” to avoid an escalation of the Ukraine war, a day after meeting with the Chinese president.

“China can play a greater mediation role with us in the coming months,” Macron said, adding that he had discussed a possible visit to China with President Xi Jinping early next year.

China has refused to put pressure on Russia over an aggression that has lasted nearly nine months, helping shield Russia from diplomatic accusations in fora such as the United Nations.

More recently, however, it has hinted at the way Russia has prosecuted the war, particularly with President Vladimir Putin’s dark rhetoric that threatens the use of nuclear weapons.

Xi and Macron met on the sidelines of the G20 summit on Tuesday, when the French leader called on the two countries to unite against the war. Macron urges China to play ‘greater broker’ in Ukraine issue

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