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Artists protesting the government of Peruvian President Dina Boluarte, Barranco, Lima, February 4, 2023

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a In Venezuela, 180 people died in 2014 and 2017 protests against President Nicolas Maduro. In Peru, security forces have killed at least 60 of his protesters and injured 1,800 during demonstrations against President Dinavoluarte since December last year. But media and international reactions have been very different: Support for Voluarte and little mention of the crackdown in Peru contrasts Maduro’s denunciations and support for Venezuelan protesters. .

In Peru, in the June 2021 presidential election, unnamed rural primary school teacher Pedro Castillo defeated Keiko Fujimori, daughter of dictator Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000). Matt Kennard, co-founder of the investigative journalism website Declassified UK, said, “If Castillo wins Peru, he and his movement will face a serious backlash from the patron-backed oligarchy in Washington. We need to be prepared. Peru has huge reserves of copper and gold, and Western countries are used to getting out of the ground on their own terms.They make no compromises.”

After two attempts to impeach him (the first just four months after taking office) and four cabinets (plus 78 ministers), Castillo has turned his back on the wall and will be elected on 7 December 2022. He said he had decided to declare a state of emergency. To re-establish the rule of law and democracy by “temporarily” dissolving parliament and calling for the election of a new Constituent Assembly within nine months. Less than two hours later, Congress dismissed him on the grounds of “persistent moral incompetence” and he was arrested by his own bodyguards and imprisoned.

Vice President Dina Bolarte took power. By nightfall, the United States had already called Castillo “former president.” The next day, he praised the authorities for “ensuring democratic stability” and said he would continue to support Peru under the unity government Boluarte had promised to establish. The European Union also (…)

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