Netanyahu in Paris Pressures Iran on Macron

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday in hopes of gaining support against Iran’s nuclear program, overshadowed by a surge in Israeli and Palestinian violence. .

Israel’s Paris embassy said the two would discuss “international efforts to deter Iran’s nuclear program”.

Netanyahu has urged Western allies to stop pursuing a revival of the 2015 deal on nuclear drives, as Iran supplies drones to Russian aggressors in Ukraine and plays a role in cracking down on protests at home. I would like to encourage

The prime minister also said Israel was considering sending military aid to Ukraine, apparently withdrawing from its previously more neutral stance on the conflict in hopes of a more confrontational Western stance on Iran.

David Kalfa of the Jean Jaurès Foundation, a Paris-based think tank, said Netanyahu hoped to “strengthen the anti-Iran front” with the West by “playing the Ukrainian card”. .

He wants tougher sanctions against Iran and a full addition of the Revolutionary Guard to the list of sanctioned entities, Halfa added — a step that both France and Germany have so far resisted.

Israel has long accused Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran claims its nuclear program is aimed solely at generating energy.

Side with Ukraine is not without risks for Netanyahu, as Russian air defense systems deployed in neighboring Syria could be turned against Israeli aircraft that occasionally raid Iranian interests there.

A diplomatic source told AFP that France agreed that a deal with Iran would require a “firm stance” and that its nuclear program had reached a “dangerous stage”, adding that France’s involvement in the Ukraine war emphasized the role of

– “Stickiness” with Iran –

Tehran also holds several foreigners whom Western governments consider political hostages.

Netanyahu’s visit comes after a weekend of drone attacks on Defense Ministry facilities in the Iranian city of Isfahan, which Tehran blames on Israel.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, said the attack was carried out by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, but this has not been confirmed by Israel.

President Macron’s office said the French leader “reiterates (to Netanyahu) that all sides are needed to avoid measures that could further the cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine”. It said it offered “France’s solidarity with Israel in the face of terrorism.”

Netanyahu visits amid renewed violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli fighter jets struck the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, firing retaliatory rockets from Palestinian missiles.

A week ago, Palestinian gunmen shot dead seven people outside a synagogue in the Israeli settlers quarter of annexed East Jerusalem.

It was the deadliest attack on Israeli civilians in more than a decade and came a day after 10 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raids in the West Bank.

No press conferences are scheduled around Macron and Netanyahu’s dinner, which begins at 1900 GMT at the French president’s Elysee Palace office.

The Israeli embassy said Netanyahu will be in France until Saturday and will meet with French business leaders and leaders of the country’s Jewish community.

The prime minister’s recent judicial reforms planned by a coalition of right-wing, far-right, and ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties have sparked hackles in some businessmen, particularly the financial sector, who have threatened to quit Israel.

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