NLISD board approves job cuts. 17 Position Disbanded | News

With the dissolution of the North Lamar Special Education Co-operative imminent, the school district’s board of directors at its meeting Monday morning came to approve staff reductions effective at the end of the school year.

Superintendent Kelly Stewart said, “The Board has taken this step to give these staff the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.

The job cuts will affect 14 full-time and 3 part-time staff, according to information submitted to the board. Staff affected include five full-time teachers and her one part-time teacher. Three full-time diagnosticians and one part-time diagnostician. 1 full-time and she is 1 part-time speech-language pathologist, 3 full-time speech-language pathologist assistants, licensed school psychologist and occupational therapist.

Starting in the fall, cooperative members North Lamar ISD and Chisum ISD are planning separate programs, and Prairland ISD will join the Western Red River Shared Services Arrangement. The cooperative currently serves the Detroit ISD and the Rivercrest ISD at each campus.

Established under the Lamar County Special Services Arrangement, the cooperative has been serving students in North Lamar, Roxton, Chisum and Prairland for over ten years.

News of the dissolution came in early November when Stewart informed the board that Chitsum ISD’s board had voted to withdraw, prompting the dissolution.

Explaining why the North Lamar administration had offered to continue the cooperative, Stewart said, “Our enrollment is increasing and when we move to a new elementary school, we will be seeing cooperatives from other districts.” We don’t have a room to house union students.” However, it will send staff to serve students at both the Chitham and Prairieland campuses. NLISD board approves job cuts. 17 Position Disbanded | News

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