Paris goes inclusive with updated city charter | News

The City of Paris proposes changes to its charter, aiming for inclusiveness.

One of these changes follows a global trend to change the way we talk about men and women.

In the upcoming November 8 general election, Charter Amendment Vote X, in part, would “amend Article 151 of the Charter to specify how its language should be interpreted with respect to gender… ” and vote options “ ” and “against”.

If the proposal passes, the city council would, according to information provided to voters, by the ordinance “to remove gender-specific references from various articles therein and replace them with gender-neutral terms as they see fit.” shall authorize City Attorneys to edit the Charter.

City Attorney Stephanie Harris said, “I understand this proposal, and if it passes, I will be mandated to update the Charter to refer to both male and female genders.” The current Charter uses masculine pronouns throughout and includes the provision that whenever there is a reference to the male gender, it is intended to refer to either male or female.”

The fate of the 24 amendments recommended by the 15-member Citizens Committee in January and approved by the Paris City Council in August was determined during the general election on 8 November at the Lamar County Service Building, 321 Lamar Avenue. It depends on the residents of the city.

As required by law, informational booklets in both English and Spanish have been mailed to all registered city voters, said city clerk Janice Ellis. The booklet contains the wording of each proposal and explains the effect of each proposed amendment.

The most recommended amendments are cosmetic in nature, sweeping out outdated language, removing references to state agencies that no longer exist, and local requirements now covered by state law. . Other modifications are required to comply with changes in state law or to comply with state or federal court decisions. However, some propositions offer changes.

Proposition A provides that if a Council member fails to attend at least 75% of Council meetings within a year, that member will lose their job unless excused by the rest of the Council. increase.

Proposition W provides for the City Council to review the charter every five years and appoint a committee to make recommendations. The Commission consisted of her 15 members and her 2 alternates, with 7 City Council members each appointing her 2 members, and the Mayor and Mayor jointly appointing her 15th member. appoint Current/former city council members and current/former city employees will not be appointed to the committee.

First adopted in 1948, the most recent revision of the city’s charter took place in May 2007, when voters approved 70 amendments to outdated documents. In 2015, the council appointed a Charter Review Board primarily to consider the possibility of electing a mayor. The commission dissolved after several meetings over concerns that the elected mayor was violating a 1976 federal court ruling.

This year’s charter committee recommended that the mayor be elected to the public as the non-voting eighth council member, but although the mayor does not vote, the position can carry considerable influence. In essence, it violates a 1976 court order.

Early voting for the November 8th General Election will begin on Monday, October 24th at the Service Building, and weekend voting will continue during normal business hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm through November 4th. I can’t break it. On Election Day, voters may cast their ballots at the Service Building from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. until the last voter in line has cast their ballot.

Ballot-by-mail applications from eligible individuals must be received no later than October 28 at the Lamar County Elections Administrator, 321 Lamar Ave., Paris, Texas 75460.

Eligible persons include those over the age of 65, those who are sick or disabled, those who are due to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day, those who are absent from their county of registration during the early voting period, those who are elected. It includes those who have citizenship to date and those who have been civilly committed under Texas law. Health and safety code or imprisoned but otherwise eligible. Paris goes inclusive with updated city charter | News

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