Paris hospital transfers children to ease burden of bronchiolitis, staff shortage

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Hospitals in and around Paris are beginning to move children to pediatric intensive care units in other hospitals to ease overcrowding caused by the bronchiolitis epidemic, straining already scarce pediatric services. The health minister said he would meet with health workers on Wednesday to address what he called a crisis in France’s pediatric health sector.

About 30 children are transferred to hospitals outside the Paris region as ambulance services in Paris are overwhelmed by a concentration of large numbers of bronchiolitis cases requiring hospitalization and a shortage of pediatric staff. it was done.

Doctors are used to treating bronchiolitis, a common contagious chest infection that mostly affects babies. This year, however, the infection has reached epidemic proportions, and more than one in four children under the age of two has difficulty breathing, requiring him to be hospitalized for two to four days.

The Paris Region Health Authority declared a bronchiolitis epidemic on October 3 and since then has said that “visits to children’s emergency services have increased significantly in the past three weeks”.

French public health officials last week almost nationwide We see epidemic-level disease.

The bronchiolitis epidemic coincides with a shortage of staff in the medical sector, with the Paris region’s regional health authority saying there are fewer pediatric emergency beds open than in 2021.

Health Minister François Braun said on Tuesday that he would meet with pediatric health workers to address purportedly poor working conditions, particularly among nurses, making recruitment difficult.

In early October, a group 7,000 pediatric health workers signed An Open Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron Blame working conditions and inability to adequately care for patients, blaming ‘irresponsible political inaction’

Brown replied €150m ‘Immediate Action Plan’ A promise to hold a pediatric medical concert in the spring.

The community at the outset of the letter said what was being offered was inadequate to address the structural problems of the health sector. We are calling for bonus payments to teachers.

The group planned to meet at Eilsee Palace on Wednesday to personally deliver a letter to Macron confirming the urgency of the situation.

(with wire) Paris hospital transfers children to ease burden of bronchiolitis, staff shortage

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