PM launches PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission

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The prime minister said that in post-independence India, health infrastructure has not received the necessary attention for a very long time, citizens have to run from pillar to pillar for proper treatment, worsening conditions and finances. He lamented that it led to a burden.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission from Varanasi.

He also started various development projects worth about 5200 rupees for Varanasi. Governor and Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Federal Ministers, Dr. Mansufmandaviya, Dr. Mahendranat Panday, Minister of State and National Representative attended this opportunity.

Towards the rally, the Prime Minister said the country had achieved a major milestone in the fight against the corona epidemic of vaccination with 100 chlores.

The prime minister said that in post-independence India, health infrastructure has not received the necessary attention for a very long time, citizens have to run from pillar to pillar for proper treatment, worsening conditions and finances. He lamented that it led to a burden. This has led to lasting concerns about the treatment of the hearts of the middle class and the poor. Instead of the full development of the country’s health system, those whose government remained in the country for a long time continued to rob the country of its facilities.

The Prime Minister said the Prime Minister of Health Infrastructure Mission Ayushmann Bharat aims to address this deficiency. The aim is to strengthen important medical networks from village to block, district, regional and national levels in the next 4-5 years.

He described the government’s initiatives under the new mission and stated that there are three main aspects of the Ayushmann Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission to address various gaps in the country’s health sector.

The first is related to the creation of elaborate facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Under this, health and wellness centers will be opened in villages and cities, and facilities will be set up for early detection of illness. Facilities such as free medical consultations, free tests, and free medicines are available at these centers. In the case of serious illness, 35,000 new critical care beds will be added to 600 districts and referral facilities will be provided in 125 districts.

The second aspect of the plan, according to the Prime Minister, is related to a network of tests for diagnosing illness. Under this mission, the infrastructure needed to diagnose and monitor disease will be developed. 730 districts of the country acquire an integrated public health laboratory and 3000 blocks acquire a block public health unit. Separately, the Prime Minister said five regional National Centers for Disease Control, 20 metropolitan units, and 15 BSL labs would further strengthen the network.

According to the Prime Minister, the third aspect is the expansion of existing research institutes that study pandemics. The existing 80 virus diagnosis and research laboratories will be strengthened, 15 biosafety level 15 laboratories will be operated, and 4 new National Virology Institutes and National One Health Institute will be established. The WHO Area Studies Platform in South Asia will also strengthen this network.

“This means that through the PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, an entire ecosystem for services from treatment to critical research will be created in every corner of the country,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister emphasized the employment potential of these measures and said that Ayushmann Bharat’s health infrastructure mission, along with health, is also a medium for aatmnirbharta.

He also added: This means medical care that is affordable and available to everyone. Holistic Healthcare focuses on health as well as health. “

Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder and Director of the Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, shared his views on the launch, saying: We have considered providing illness care by establishing hospitals and the like and adding beds. But now this is the development of a complete infrastructure and ecosystem, a step commendable by the government. The 64,000 chlore plan requires the opening of approximately 17,700 regional health wellness centers and more than 11,000 urban health wellness centers. In addition to focusing on primary prevention and diagnostic care, the addition of a BSL 3 laboratory, the establishment of a regional virus laboratory, primary prevention of preventative therapy and disease, and strengthening of research facilities for the diagnosis and prevention of pandemics. In shape and future trends. So I think developing the entire ecosystem is a great and commendable step. Of course, it also involves adding more important care infrastructure that is badly lacking in our district. Therefore, in addition to AIIMS, more than 600 districts will benefit from it, and of course, more than 150 critical care beds will be added. There is also a critical care facility in the old town of Uttar Pradesh, which is very scarce and people have to travel hundreds of kilometers to access the nearest ICU. This completely ignores the golden hour and people die along the way. I think the complete infrastructure associated with the development of India’s public health system is a major step towards achieving a healthier economy. If you dream of a $ 5 trillion economy, you need to keep people healthy. We must prevent people from getting sick. In India, more than six people fall below the poverty line each year on medical costs alone. And I think this plan will be a big step towards preventing it from happening in the future. “

Kamal Narayan Omer, CEO of the Integrated Health and Welfare Council (IHW Council), said: The plan demonstrates the government’s commitment to a robust and self-sustaining health system for India, which has long been a need for India. Increased COVID-19 infections in neighboring China, Russia and the United Kingdom, and recent news of Zika infection in Campur after the first report from the western part of the country made the setting of a wide range of technically compatible diseases urgent. I am. Monitoring system. The mission has the potential to be a breakthrough in India’s healthcare infrastructure development. This will allow us to further strengthen the way we provide medical services. “

PM launches PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission

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