Podcast: Bullfighting, Civil Disobedience, and the Viking Siege of Paris

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Bullfighting has an important cultural place in many parts of southern France, but opponents say it is cruelty to animals. A French climate activist explains why blocking roads and suspending opera performances is the only way to get attention. and the Viking attack on Paris in the 9th century.

The corrida tradition is long and strong in much of southern and southwestern France, but parliamentarians in the north consider it immoral and want to ban it completelyVauber’s cloister near Montpellier. Arles bullfighting school was running, suggesting that the problem may be more subtle. Enthusiasts oppose Paris’ vision of how their culture should or should not be celebrated. The violence inherent in bullfighting is also what makes it so powerful. (Listen @ 2’07”)

climate activists throw things at famous paintings To draw public attention to what they see as an existential threat in European museums.French painting hasn’t been hit (so far), but local French activists Derniere Renovation (Last Renovation) uses direct action or acts of civil disobedience to highlight the very specific issues of home renovation. The housing sector is her second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in France after transport, and the group hopes the government will pass more ambitious legislation and encourage homeowners to make their buildings more insulated. I hope To increase pressure on the government, they started by suspending the Tour de France in the summer. Since then, they have regularly blocked highways across the country. Victor talks about suspending opera performances and why such acts of civil disobedience are necessary. (Listen @ 20’00”)

The Viking siege of Paris, which began on November 24, 885, marked the beginning of the end of the unified Carolingian Empire and shaped the future of France as we know it today. (Listen @ 16’12”)

Episode mixed by Nicolas Doreau.

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