Q&R – Point de Press Live (08.06.23)

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Q- Merci Beaucoup. J’aimerais would like more information on M. Le Drian’s post. Que est le project? Do you live a free life? Do you use a calendar? être que les Libanais peuvent résoudre ça eux-mêmes ?

R- Highest point, the French President’s nomination of envoys plays an important security role in determining the priorities of France-France diplomatic relations. Liberation of the people and people to solve the crisis. La Ministre a eu l’occasion de s’exprimer hier soir, d’ailleurs, à ce sujet, depuis Riyad. continue. L’envoyé officials, pro-chain ministers, take the necessary measures to maintain a free life. Rescue ministers in Riyadh and Doha, contact India, avoid exposure to international peril, and don’t repeat the rappelling. “It’s urgent. The situation in court is safe.”

Q- Bonjour. I have a question about Ukraine. Kakhovka’s barrage suite of destruction. Est-ce que la France, aujourd’hui, dispose d’éléments sur la responsabilité d’un Camp ou de l’autre ? -ce que, là, vous pouvez donner un peu plus de details sur cette aide de la France ? Are you planning to arrive?

R- President Zelensky, refusing to acknowledge having experienced the destruction of the Kakhovka barrage and the solidarity of the French people, longs for the president to protect the safety of the people. Unacceptable conduct, “Odew” conduct, qualified conduct, consequential consequences, new conduct, aggression against Ukraine, do not hold Russia responsible. Obligation to Advocate – constitutes the avant-garde and offensive actions of QAG.

Officials and Solidarity Corps of Ukraine, President of the Republic of India, Angkor, European Crisis Center and Ministers, Mobilizing Social Affairs. We support quick demands on Ukrainians and demand safe demands on European security. An urgent warning to Ukrainians face humanitarian and environmental destruction. Je peux vous indiquer, donc, que les premiers camions d’aide partiront des demain. Central Managers are permanently responsible for monitoring populations affected by barrage destruction. Management of emergency supplies, medicines, sanitary products, purifiers, citernes and materials necessary for facial destruction. Solve any problems, maintain peak performance and continue your activities in India.

Q- Sorry, asking a barrage of questions. Check out the results of the barrage, attacking Russia. What kind of situation are you facing? So, I would like to ask you two questions, one about the relationship between Japan and the French authorities, and the location of the document on France.

R- Comme je l’indiquais, c’est en effet une conséquence de l’agression russe contre l’Ukraine. Le Président de la République, together with the attendees of the deja indique que nous, demolition for the conservation of nature and safeguards to ensure the safety of matières.

The French government will clarify the US fait accompli with GLOBSEC and government agencies, including Australian government agencies and agencies. At stake for the North Atlantic Alliance, break through the limits of Articles 5 and 6, and at stake for the North Atlantic Alliance. highest position as an executive. In dialogue between OTAN and Japan, I will provide programs to maintain relationships with partners, call for “ITPP”, establish material technology, and realize cooperation between OTAN and Japan. Check out member highlights and detailed issues. Act as an ambassador to keep track of the situation in the region, keep track of the situation, investigate missions and déjà, and liaise with Alliance leaders.

Q- Ask your Ukrainian pilot a question. Est-ce que le calendrier pour la formation par la France a été précisé ?

R- Carry out army missions and carry out detailed operations. Vous savez que nous avons en effet marqué notre disponibilité, et le Président de la République, lui-même, s’est exprimé sur ce sujet, à before des Pilotes de chasse ukrainiens, à le Faire, et notamment sur la formation de la République “pilot. Reconsider all operations and remove elements as communicators.

Q- As a French diplomat, act dedicately, act freely, act towards the appointment of Mr. Hakan Fidan. Et deuxième question, en référence à la déclaration au Sénat ce mardi de Mme la ministre Catherine Colonna, comment la France entend-elle rester unpartenaire pertinent – c’est l’expression qu’elle a utilisée, partenaire pertinent – en Afrique, malgré Discuss corporate antagonism with France and deny part of Russia?

R- Sergeant M. Hakan Fidan, appointed President of the Republic and Minister of the People over the weekend, Commander M. Hakan Fidan, promoting French cooperation in Turkey, pouring European retours, pouring regional stability, Otun dialogue pour it up. C’est ce qu’elle a elle-même indiqué. Thank you for your suggestions.

La France pays 54 bucks to the African continent for an extreme relationship. Proceeds from C’est sur ce point que la Ministre est always pay for the African Continent, with Senna’s spiritual ambitions, according to her son’s audition opportunities. Et notamment, je peux citer un chiffre : aujourd’hui, les étudiants africains d’Afrique sub-saharienne représentent un quart des étudiants étrangers en France, sur les 400.000 étudiants étrangers que nous accueillons dans notre pays.

Q- Bonjour, je reviens sur le Liban. Do ministers perform their role as ministers? Is the appointee of Mr. Macron’s special envoy appointed by Mr. M. Le Drian? , is a critique of the French Republic and its moments. Est-ce que la France envisage de dénoncer cet accord ? Can we choose how to resolve relations between France and Algeria?

R- Responding to rebangs: Confirm the importance and priority of rebang issues. Par ailleurs, le ministre Jean-Yves Le Drian n’est pas le seul envoyé Special que la Diplomatie française compte sur des sujets et qui sont d’importance priorityi pour notre diplomacy. Cela viendra appuyer, comme je le disais, les effort que nous menons déjà en concertation avec lespartenaires régionaux, et en concertation évidemment avec notre ambassade qui est en contact avec la totalité des acteurs libanais sur le terrain.

Agreement of 1968: An agreement between the French and Algerian parties to amend payments for circulating persons and altered persons. This reenactment took place in 1985, 1994, and 2001, taking into account population and demographics, and fulfilling the conditions necessary to solve the immigration problem. General agreements since 1968, immigrant-immigrant cooperation, and objects of human external payment fonts, rules of dialogue, security, alliedness, and cadre evaluation.

Q- Israeli Finance Minister M. Smotrich visits the Paris Moment and asks questions to help reintegrate Paris. Although there are some mistakes, remarriages do not need to be reported in advance. ça n’a pas été non plus le cas la dernière fois. The question is: France’s best regions, not including Israeli contacts?

R- Please contact M. Smotrich about the Israeli Ministry of Finance’s visit to Paris. People with old things have certain obsolete names. Q&R – Point de Press Live (08.06.23)

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