Real Estate and Colonies

Back in the nineteenth century, the business of the real estate emerge, around 1885 and in 1906 the National Association of Real Estate Agents (NARE), today’s National Association of Realtors, was founded (NAR). The businessof the Real Estate like (Eric Duval)has grown very fast and now-a-days it is one of the most profit-generating businesses and lies exactly on the entrepreneurial phenomenon.

Post Effects of Real Estate Aging

As it is one of the most highly profitable businesses, it gives a huge profit to its Board of Directors and also working opportunities the skilled labor and other associated business i.e. Cement Industry, Steel Industry, etc. In other aspects, this business is also giving lasting effects.  In some countries, the realtors promote the business at agricultural despite residential land which eventually results in the deforestation causing the greenhouse effect and ultimately Global Warming. We have recorded amount of hurricanes in North America and many typhoons in Asia.

The Greenhouse effect and Global warming speeding the process of melting the glaciers and increasing sea level by 0.5cm annually. Which is a serious issue for the world. Islands like the Maldives are on red alert. Due to the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer is getting damaged day by day. The major of its damaging is the Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Gas emitted by refrigerators and Air Conditioners. Which is letting the ultraviolet radiation reach the earth and intense Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere won’t let reflected raysget outof the region causing the greenhouse effect and increasing heat globally. The climate change in the different regions getting worst.

Evading the Post Effects

These effects can be avoided by abiding by the realtors and not using the agricultural land for it. The Local Governments should impose the laws. Buildings having many flats and apartments are to be constructed and praised. Because they cover less area as compared to the Residential Colonies.

Planting the trees and forestation can help the ozone layer to heal because these plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen beneficial for the whole world. Climate change due to global warming improves. Forestation helps to improve the extreme intensity of the weather giving fresh oxygen and cleaning the air from dust particles. Governments of many countries have taken the serious actions on planting and also facilitating the residents to grow the plants at the domestic level to initiate the plantation.

Developed Real Estate

After having laws and educating the realtors, they have known the value of forestation. Now they have a special and dedicated department for the Horticulture which is working hard to have green in Town. Of that, they also facilitate their buyers with Parks and gardens in town.

The unique idea of possessing arooftop garden is the most dominating now. People who love green but do not have much space for planting. They are eagerly adopting the idea of having a rooftop garden that is attractive and easy to maintain. The rooftop gardens are also offered by realtors to the customers or customer demand themselves.

Still, there are many companies that are not serious about this global issue. They just want to earn but harming the globe isnot going to make them rich. Not them but their successors have to pay the cost for what their ancestors did. Those who are not taking the measures should be guided and educated. The plantation is the tree, the fruit which their children enjoy.

Many real estate companies (such as Duval Group Company) work as realtors and have a steady income, Capital enhancement, and Leverage in buying. But they also face illiquidity, high influence by local factors, and huge initial capital to start.

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