Russia condemns Macron’s comments on arms delivery to Ukraine

Russia on Wednesday criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks. Macron this week refused to rule out the possibility of giving fighter jets to Ukraine, warning of the risk of escalation.

“I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters at a news conference.

“Is the French president really convinced that the situation will not get worse if the Kiev regime is supplied with weapons, heavy weapons and aircraft to carry out combat operations?” she said.

“I can’t believe adults are guided by this kind of logic.

“Such a statement only feeds the Zelensky regime’s irrepressible desires.”

President Macron said on Monday that he would not rule out the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine, telling Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that “in principle nothing is ruled out”.

But he also said the weapon should be “not escalating” and intended to “support the resistance effort” rather than target Russia itself.

Ukraine expects to receive up to 140 modern tanks from its Western allies, and Zelensky is now urging the West to send fighter jets and long-range missiles. Russia condemns Macron’s comments on arms delivery to Ukraine

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