Samuel Patty honored to mark 2nd anniversary of his brutal murder

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As ceremonies to mark the second anniversary of the death of secondary school teacher Samuel Patty continue Monday, French dailies look back on the weekend’s memorial event full of sorrow and dignity.

Samuel Patty, a history and geography teacher, was murdered in the street outside his secondary school in Conflans, northwest of Paris, on October 16, 2020.

The 47-year-old man was beheaded by young Islamic extremists who claimed they were motivated by revenge for Patty’s use of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a free speech class.

The second anniversary was notable for a rare political unanimity, with President Emmanuel Macron posting a message on Twitter: “To Liberty, To Equality, To Brotherhood. To Samuel Patty.”

Surrounded by parliamentarians from different parties, the mayor of Conflans said two years after the tragedy, “We wiped our tears and bandaged our wounds. But that means we are ready.” Not forget.

“More than ever, we must value and protect our freedom.”

Minister of Education Pap Ndiae We acknowledge that more work needs to be done to prevent the recurrence of such atrocities. However, the minister claims there is a higher level of awareness and vigilance than there was two years ago.

“Defeating the forces that oppose the Republic is a long-term project,” the minister said.

Freedom of speech is incontrovertible

“The teacher’s duty is to explain things, not to be silent.” With these words, Samuel Patty’s sister Michael gave a commemorative speech at a special ceremony at the Sorbonne University in central Paris. started. She chose to break the silence she had maintained for the past two years, saying she needed to honor her brother while she waited for her justice to be served.

daily newspaper Le Monde We report a few survivors of 2015. Charlie Hebdo Carnage was in the audience.

With reference to the theme of the Commemorative Planning Award Samuel Patty“Do we still have the freedom to express ourselves?”, Mikael said in 2022 in France there should be no need to discuss the issue.

She dedicated her words to “all the people in the world who have died, been hurt, been tortured or imprisoned for daring to say what they think”.

Returning to the frightening fact of her brother’s death and the ensuing schism over restrictions on free speech, she told Congress, “There can’t be the word ‘yes, but’ after the word ‘decapitation.’ I have to.”

lies disguised as truth

Mikael Patty has been adamant about his brother’s teaching methods, especially about his campaign of disinformation about allegations that he discriminated against Muslim students.

“Ignoring the truth can turn a neutral, secular act into discrimination. Disguising a lie under the guise of truth can turn a worldly gesture into a racist act.” I can.”

But Mickaëlle Paty continues, visibly angry, unable to turn the opinion of a small minority of students into a majority.

She accused those she called “guilt shifters” of efforts to support “Islamist projects advanced by certain families who attacked them without justification.”

The minister of education agreed with the sad sister’s words.

“By murdering Samuel Patty, the fundamentalists were stifling the possibilities of culture, intelligence, and even education.

“They didn’t succeed, and they never intend to.” Samuel Patty honored to mark 2nd anniversary of his brutal murder

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