Soudan (30.05.23) – European Ministry of Etranger

France deploys the fighting, including military personnel and emergency support forces. 29/29 We regretted violating the right of belligerency by extending the extension period of the French and Saudi Arabian forces. La France respects the relationship between security personnel and Jeddah, takes responsibility for ensuring security and facilitates humanitarian assistance.

There is no need to rebuild a durable Sudan without having an ensemble association of actors. La France should foster debate between political forces and civil society to consider solutions to durability and crisis politics.

France consolidates its mission to support the transition of Sudan (MINUATS) and to carry out the mandate of national unity. Also Mr. M. Volker Perthes, Sudanese General Affairs Officer and Chef of his MINUATS. Soudan (30.05.23) – European Ministry of Etranger

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