The Second Iraq War, 20 Years Later, by Serge Halimi (Le Monde Diplomatic Journal)

Praise for French Leadership: Protest against the Bush Administration’s pro-war stance against Iraq near the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, Calif., August 15, 2003

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N.ah All countries that commit acts of aggression are subject to the same sanctions. The Treaty of Versailles (June 28, 1919) is said to be an order placed by French President Georges Clemenceau on defeated Germany. Twenty-one years later, in a vengeful Berlin, the defeat of France on June 22, 1940, was formalized in the same railway car in the Forest of Compiègne where Germany signed the armistice on November 11, 1918. claimed to have been carried out on There is no more perfect analogy to this case. Iraq and the United States, who also fought two wars in quick succession…

In the first war that pitted Iraq against the West, the aggressor was Saddam Hussein. On August 2, 1990, his forces occupied and annexed the sovereign state of Kuwait, making it the country’s 19th province. International condemnation from the UN Security Council was unanimous. Within three weeks, UN-sanctioned forces, mostly from the West, had driven Iraqi forces out of Kuwait after intensive bombing and ground fighting. Iraq was then placed under embargoes and brutal sanctions. Over the next decade, hundreds of thousands of civilians, many of them children, died from lack of clean water and medicine.

As if this wasn’t enough, President George W. Bush once again went to war with Iraq in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, but this time ostensibly with the possibility of using “weapons of mass destruction.” to prevent further attacks on the United States. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were carried out by 15 Saudis without Iraqi involvement.The existence of such weapons in Iraq was an invention of the US intelligence service, and was reported by the White House and most of the Western media (especially new york times, economist and washington post), a majority of politicians (both Republicans and Democrats, including then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden), and a small number of Iraqi rebels in exile.

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