Towards the end of compulsory vaccination of caregivers?

Are the times of suspended caregivers changing? It’s too early to say, but France’s National Health Authority said the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 could be lifted for health professionals. I have just announced my opinion that it is.

Per Alix Juan

At the request of the French Health Directorate, the French National Health Service (HAS) has committed to updating its recommendations on vaccination requirements and recommendations for health workers (diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, etc.). The aim is to reassess them “in the light of current data on the epidemiology of relevant diseases, the risk of transmission in the workplace and available vaccines”. Institutions he proceeds in two stages. First look at mandatory immunizations (opinion given in March), then recommended immunizations (opinion given in July).

hope to return to normal

Covid-19 vaccination mandates, like others, will be reviewed. After public consultation with stakeholders, HAS will determine “the adequacy of maintaining it in the light of the epidemiological situation and medical and scientific knowledge.”
However, HAS has already said: draft recommendation “In the current situation, the requirement for Covid-19 vaccination may be lifted for all professionals covered by the 5 August 2021 legislation,” although this vaccination remains ” Highly recommended.
After September 15, 2021, thousands of health care workers and health care workers will be suspended without pay, and hopefully things will return to normal.

France is the only country left…

HAS also noted that “if several countries around the world have implemented different types of professional vaccination obligations at different times, most of these obligations have been removed or suspended” (Italy , Austria, Germany). “Belgium has not yet entered into force the bill passed at the end of 2021. Several European countries have never considered compulsory vaccination for professionals (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland , Portugal, Spain).In the rest of the world (Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand), some countries have lifted their vaccination requirements between June and December 2022.
The watchword seems to be to break the impasse of French exceptions…

Attention, attention…

Therefore, lightning is near. However, caution is advised, as the results of the public consultation, which began by March 3, could significantly change this initial HAS opinion. Indeed, many health professionals who have been reluctant to lift mandatory vaccinations for medical and ethical reasons may continue to oppose it.
HAS also clarifies that its recommendations “did not mark the end of the ongoing epidemic and could be reviewed in the event of unfavorable changes in epidemiology.” It’s not…
Finally, the National Health and Life Sciences Consultative Ethics Council (CCNE) also provides input. At the request of the Minister of Health and Prevention, it is necessary to comment on the ethical issues raised by the immunization obligations of experts and their consequences.
All is yet to be decided. Final opinion at the end of March. Towards the end of compulsory vaccination of caregivers?

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